Schizophrenia - I'm sick of it, miserable

I am so god damned miserable. I have lost everything from being threatened, losing my law practice, having a false ethics complaint and if that wasn’t enough, the result of it all is schizophrenia ■■■■!! Every breath I take is a torturous act, I am even miserable in my sleep. I have night mares aboutd my ex who has now become a demon to soul along with a bunch of other souls. My life is not going to last forever. It just feels like forever.


Where r u from and how old are u…!!!

I’m so sorry!!! I hope you get better. It will get better.

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I am miserable too. I have lost life.

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Patience is the key. I just read 1/3 of people recover completely from schizophrenia. 1/3 of people recover, but aren’t themselves. 1/3 of people continue to get worse. I hope you recover completely.


I have the same problem Pretty, just the same situation and feelings and dreams

TheBest those numbers are 1 in 10 im affraid indeed

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