I'm tired of being fat

So tired of being fat. Don’t know is it because of meds, thyroid problems or both… I’m not diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet, but I am going to endocrinologist soon(because my TSH level is not very good :confused:)


Both can cause it. Can you exercise and eat healthy while reducing calories?

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Don’t worry little kitty soon you will get thyroid medicine and your weight will come down and you’ll be feeling much, much happier about things. I’m tired of being fat too, but I don’t have my thyroid to blame. I just blame too much sugary foods and my anti-psychotics causing a craving for them.


I’m fat too. I’m restricting calories and losing weight though. Will that help you do you think?

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I’m trying a new diet. It’s called, “have all of your teeth pulled and live on V8 Juice and Boost meal replacement for three weeks.” 14 pounds gone so far. Being able to chew was obviously the culprit. Who knew?!?

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I was eating 1300 calories a day for almost 2 months, but I didn’t even lose 1 kg…

That’s how I was on Seroquel. It didn’t matter what I ate, I still gained. It was awful! I’m on loxapine now. No cravings and I’m losing weight

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The calories amount depends on your bmi which depends on height and current weight. There calculators for how much calories you need to loose weight. Also you need to exercise, otherwise you won’t loose weight even if you ate less. Biking, swimming and jogging all burn a lot of calories.

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It also depends on your age, here’s a calories calculator:


You should aim fot 500 calorie deficit from your TDEE per day for 7 days a week, which equals 3500 calories a week or a pound of weight loss.

I think for a small female 1300 calories is plenty, so you might need to try 1000 or something.

I was starving at 1000 calories, and my nutricionist told me to eat at least 1300 kcal

Then eat 1300 calories but also try walking for an hour a day. You should lose weight then. Exercise helps suppress appetite.

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I tried that but it did not help. 2 years ago it was so easy to loose weight…

Are you sure you are measuring your calories properly? Losing weight is as easy as having a caloric deficit. Getting a good looking body requires tracking macronutrients though.

I was eating food that my nutricionist told me to eat

Only explanation is that your nutritionist calculated your caloric requirements wrong. You need to eat less and exercise more.

I don’t know… Then why before taking meds I could easily loose weight?

Cause anti-psychotics slow down your metabolism. I was a 196 pound man and I ate 1400 calories on Olanzepine to lose weight to 175 pounds. I eat more now since I switched medications and loss weight to 170. If you really want to lose weight on medications, you will have to make sacrifices.

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