I'm tired ( and I don't know what to do about that)


It’s been a long while that I’m feeling tired under Abilify Maintena, now I’ve been diagnosed as schizo-affective and they’ve added me Lithium, which makes my tiredness worse than ever, feeling apathetic, lethargic, much more depressed and I constantly want to sleep.

I tried a lot of things to fight this sleepiness state, Vitamins, Magnesium, meditation, exercice, coffee, green tea, hang out with people, Ritalin (yeah I’m not supposed to take that, I know), Mucuna (yeah that either), none of that worked on long term…

To be honest, I’m desperate, and I don’t know what to do, I’m thinking about a hypersomnia related pathology because before being put on medication 5 years ago I was constantly tired and the only thing that helped me was exercice.

Do you have any advices or medications that I should talk about to my pdoc to improve this state ? I was thinking about Lamotrigine (but my pdoc said it was useless to put me on more medication like this one) and Reagila / Vraylar is still not available in my country as for now (but it should be available in the upcoming months) but I’m not sure that would be enough… Does reducing my medication would eventually be a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !


I’m sorry you are struggling in this way! I ache for you. Reducing medication can cause other problems worse than tiredness, but I know the desperation. What about Modafinil?


I want to try that but I’m not sure that my pdoc would agree since it’s a huge dopamine enhancer and she will told be something like “It will makes you manic” or “It will cause a psychosis relapse”


im bench pressing 150kg on abilify maintena its probably something else maybe lithium causing this?

actually abilify amps me up maybe youre on a high dose (they raised abilify levels with oral)


I think they should first look well at the cause. That makes a huge difference in how to treat it. Perhaps an open door, but it is important and docs are quite eager to go after the symptoms instead of the cause.

I was incredibly tired as well and being forced to be very physically active actually improved things. Lowering meds as well, but be careful if that is an option. Im seeking to improve diet as a next step.

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