I'm thinking it might be good to depend less on this site when I recover

Idk. I have mixed feelings about this site personally and that is just due to the way I am.

I sometimes wonder if I’d be doing more if I never knew about this website.

But then again, I learnt things on here too which is good.

And also I see how there’s so many REAL ones of us. So I feel sort of less alone.

How do you all feel about this site?

I think if I was on this site for life then I’d get more attached to it than I want to.

I don’t want that to happen.

I have to remember that I have an actual IRL to actually focus on

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. Sometimes I visit this site more and sometimes I visit this site less, depending on my mood and what else I have going on on that particular day.

In other words:
You don’t have to completely cut it off to move on in your real life…but there is no need to be on it constantly either.

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I just feel like I get more attached to people than they do to me. On this forum.

And it is not exactly fun, if it was like that for life.unless I can change my outlook on the way I relate to people here.

I’d rather just disappear at some point.

When I’m more able to do things in life.

The thing is I don’t know if I’m capable of leaving this site though I’ve tried so many times.

So well see. This is more a discussion thread about pros and cons of the forum as opposed to a leaving announcement. So I hope it doesn’t get locked.

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You’ve helped a lot of people. Try to remember that! But yeah I hear you, it’s hard not to feel warm toward some people sometimes when they put so much into their posts.

If you left you’d be recalled fondly! I try to tell myself that too!

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Thanks Happy2!

Yes I love this forum. I know I do cos when I first came on here I was feeling like wow but over a long time now I just feel like something doesn’t feel right to me, internally. And consequently externally.
It is no one’s fault though.

It is just me and how I am.

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You’re one of the popular ones here, but depending too much on the site can’t be good either. Just take a few days off and catch up with your favourite series. :slight_smile:


I hear you and I feel weird in retrospect for sharing a pic of the baby in the fam(it was in light of Covid-19)… but I’m craning my neck mentally as though that was a mistake… and if it ever haunted us somehow, I’d never be able to explain why I made that decision… But I do know what you are going through!

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Lol I’m one of the annoying ones who talks about food all the time. I get that this must be annoying. I asked my brother and he was like, yea it’s annoying actually.

But yea I will see how it goes and I do think you are all amazing and strong people too.

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Sorry this is not a leaving thread. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Just wanted to discuss pros and cons. Of the forum

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i just spend a couple hours a day on the site when i’m on the computer and i think that works well for me.

But i’m really glad you are here too @anon83141956 . you are a nice person!

Don’t leave forever…
You are big part here as member!

I don’t know if I’m actually leaving, just pondering over the pros and cons of this site for someone with social anxiety, but thanks… :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you are here too @lekker,

You must be one of the most supportive members I’ve come across on here.

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oh thank you =3 that is really nice of you!
making me blush =D

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i hope you will stay for long time still… we would really miss you. But i can understand your thoughts about it like how it could hold you back from real life things to do…

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I just get the balance all wrong. Too attached to a forum and neglecting real life.
I would really miss the forum too if I stopped reading it at least at first I would. It is a big decision to make after being on here for 3 years. But like I said it is just thoughts for now no concrete decisions.

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I like this site. It’s like having pen pals. And I’m glad you’re on it.


That’s really good you like it and yes I see what you mean pen pals can be fun :slight_smile:

And thankyou.


Do you feel addicted to the forum, like you’re not doing the things you would normally do if you weren’t on it?