Who loves this site

Who loves this site? I love this site. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’d like to ask the site out on a date, maybe fool around with it, but I’m not ready for love. I’m seeing a couple other sites, and just want to keep things casual.


I used to love this site, but sometimes I get flagged out of the blue. I noticed its not as good for me as I thought it is. I lost interest here.

Ive been less active lately. But curiosity always gets the better of me, and i do a quick login to see whats happening.

I suppose i should lean on here more when unwell, after all thats what its here for. But i tend to keep my distance when im having my own issues.

I always feel im at home when im here. Cos i know im not gonna be unfairly judged for being mentally ill - unlike the people in my town.


The other day
i was wondering
what would i do
if this forum
would close.
I’d be so lonely

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This site is a bit like a reliable grandparent…always there, kind and non-judgemental.


I am truly all alone, and isolated. I need this site. It’s my only socialization.


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