I'm thinking about going back to school


I know I’ve failed at school a lot in the past.

But I just have so much free time on my hands, I figure I might as well work on some kind of degree.

The only problem is if I go back to my community college I will be ineligible for financial aid. Because I’m over the max hours allowed there.

If I go to a university I might just go for a creative writing degree.

I’m still thinking about all of this though, and weighing my options.

Sorry for my ramblings, but thank you to anyone who reads this. :v:

  • Monte



Are you thinking online classes or are you close to a university?


Thank you :slight_smile: well at the community college I am enrolled in an online class, and one of our universities has a satellite campus in my city.

But to answer your question, I am thinking more online classes.


I think it’s fantastic. Wouldn’t that be great to get a degree now? Best of luck to you.


I don’t accept the money for disability because is less than I want, I would only buy food with that few money and i believe I’m capable to work, I know many people with ocd works and schizophrenia is no more a problem for me


@Alan96 Yeah, here in the U.S. our disability varies to each person. I know it’s been a challenge for me to survive on.

@leaf Thank you :slight_smile: I’m feeling a little more stable these days. So I’m thinking why not try to achieve some kind of goal.


i think online classes are a great option for people.


I feel the same way. Online is a great option for those of us with sz/sza. I can say for myself that going to in-person classes is very challenging.

Plus my local community college is a non-smoking campus. So that’s kind of a huge bummer for me since I’m a smoker.

Thank you for the reply @finally. :slight_smile:


Good for you Monte. Creative writing would be cool. Just from reading your comments you can compose very well. So go for it. Best wishes! :slight_smile:


If you can afford it …: then why not??


That sounds great! Online classes can be wonderful! I finished my Bachelor of Arts online because my husband’s company kept relocating us, so I kept having to transfer colleges when I attended in person. It delayed my graduation by two years because I kept having to take different required courses at each school. Whenever I’d get within a semester of graduating, we’d move again! Consequently, instead of the normal 42 hours in my major area of study (English/ Literature), I have 63 hours.

I want to go back to get another degree, too. I may have missed it in the other posts, but what do you want to go to school for?


Hi @Happy_H :slight_smile: I plan on finishing up my last gen ed at my community college, then transferring my associate of arts degree to a 4 year school.

The last gen ed I need to finish is a rudimentary science class with a lab.

For my BA I want to do either philosophy or English/creative writing.

Thank you for the support! And congratulations on getting your BA! That’s a huge achievement. :blush: :v:


Thank you for the support and the compliment @ThePoeticSkunk! :blush:

You’re one cool and rockin’ Skunk. Ha! :slight_smile: :v:


Hmm! Philosophy would be a sweet major as well. I love the Stoics, Cynics, and the Skunkics. :slight_smile:


Haha! Yes, I hear these “Skunkics” are quite the wild bunch :wink: .

But I think philosophy would be a lot of fun.


Yep. You may not see them but you’ll know when one is around.

What area of philosophy is your primary interest? @Montezuma


I’m really fascinated by Metaphysics :slight_smile: .


Cool! Are you going to look into learning Attic Greek? I heard it goes a long ways. I tried a stab at Nietzsche not long ago but that fizzled out. Sigh


I’ve never heard of Attic Greek. :thinking:

I often joke with people that Nietzsche is “philosophy for night-time.” Ha!

In all seriousness, I haven’t read a whole lot by him. Just his book, “Thus Zarathustra Spoke.”


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