Signed up for college

Graduated high school in '09. Went through an extremely difficult time with addiction. Just as I got clean I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now after all these years I am ready to go to college and pursue a career(at least I think so). I also have a 14 month old daughter so I decided to start with two classes online and see how I am able to deal with everything. Wish me luck and anyone with advice much appreciated.


Good luck!!! I graduated hs in 08 and I’m back in school now. After some time off and doing fairly well.

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Good luck! I failed university for what it’s worth, but I still had a good career in I.T. Until I was diagnosed. So failing isn’t the end of the world if that happens.

The best advice I can give you is pursue a course that you’re really interested in.


Aw thank you both!!! Truly means a lot. And I am going for a field I am interested in. Actually have always had a bond with kids and it truly is my happy place so going for a career in early childhood education. If I get my degree I will be Able to teach preschool through second grade. :slight_smile:


Good luck!

I have no advice for you because it seems like you are already knocking it out of the park.

Good luck! You make me think I can go back to school too! Keep me informed on how it goes!

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Good luck. You should enjoy college. I found it to be fun.

I’ve just started studying with the ou.

I find it hard as my current module is mostly online.

You need to explore assistive technology to see what makes your studying easier.

Sometimes I struggle to read, so I use assistive technology such as text help read &write or orato to read the text for me.

I get a course allowance in my country to help people with disabilities study, without which I would have already dropped out.

That’s awesome, education is always good.
Have a nice time in collage.

I have wanted to go back to collage, but it’s super stressful for me.

I always want good grades and the whole due dates for assignments really get to me and stress me out like no other.
Or else I’ll just fail.

My memory has been going down hill anyway…so I just don’t go back to college.