I'm talking alone all day, either to voices or to my self

I am so tired and mad

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Now i listen to music
with headphones.
It helps a little

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I feel crazy.
I take my meds,
I don’t want to go to hospital.


Are You Taking Your Prescribed Medications?.

The Ones Prescribed By Your Doctor.

In The Right Way?.

Are You Doing Any Illegal Drugs Or Breaking Any Laws?.

If So, You Might Should Start Living The Right Way.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

“why did you take them?
Meds are poison”

No, i dont do illegal drugs.
I’m very careful and cautious.
Meds just stop working.

“kill them,
sun wants you to kill”

“Come on,
don’t be a coward”

I can’t do anything useful or productive.
I just chainsmoke

You’ve got some nasty voices there @Om_Sadasiva . Don’t listen to them.

I smoke alot too :stuck_out_tongue:. Bad for us.

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I dont have many pleasures in life
Coffee, cigarettes, reading, eating, sleeping.

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Yeah, me too. I’ve got Anhedonia also. My list is similar to yours. I don’t really enjoy reading books though. Reading the forum and news I guess.

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Do you have any persistent symptom?

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I don’t have any positive symptoms while I’m on medication…I only have the negatives…Lack of pleasure, Lack of motivation…poor concentration…etc.

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I was like that for a period of time.
Severe negatives and few positives.
Now i have the opposite.
Severe positives, few negatives.
I wish i could have the zombie feeling
of negatives rather than this madness,
agitation, stress, paranoia.


Yeah, I agree positives are worse. Negatives are bad enough but positives are hell.

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Yeah, but dont lose hope.
I was desperate with negatives,
always complaining that there are
no meds for negatives.
They re gone now.

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I’m exhausted
Freaked out

Is it normal to feel like an eggplant?

Are you talking out loud? I had this too, it stopped in 2017, when I said in my mind: “I don’t want this anymore.”.

I still talk out to some delusions, but not 24/7. It’s just couple times and quiet around the day.
I was stuck in talking out loud really long.

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Yes, out loud.
It’s really terrifying