Im sorry everybody i am a monster

That wacky Tabacco is the devil… just got out of the psych ward I was in there for 9 weeks. It was brutal…im sorry everybody I wasn’t eating for the last 4 days of my relapse. I gave up Mary Jane… Like I did c rock in April 2007. Im arrogant on Mary jane I am a ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ on maryjane. I hate it so bad im sorry @farcry_0. And everybody who doesn’t hate me on here I let my sz family down


I hope you’re feeling better now. Sounds like you had a rough time.


I’ve had family members with addiction problems. It happens. Glad you made it out of there.

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Not sure I know you to be calling me family

Hi, I’m Sheri

hope your’e on the up and up.

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It was real rough thank you everhopeful. My my p.doc got me on clozapine I feel great. Still gonna follow thru with addictions counsellor tomor im making appointment. I’ve been sitting in the dark for 14 years because of Maryjane it robbed 14 years of my life.

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Thank you Sheri wut could I do without my family ??

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yeah, big bear hugs, I’m a giver!

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Yeah weed just makes me talk and get crazy. Stay off it. I would suggest some apple whiskey with Sprite. Just a bit. It’s great man. Calms the nerves and you still get the high spirits

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