I'm so scared

Lately I’ve been paranoid that when I walk out of my house, I’m going to be bitten by something. This feeling is worse at night than during the day. This is complicated by the fact that I work during the night, but I don’t see my psychiatrist again until January and I can’t really afford to move my appointment up any.

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This can ward off mythological beasts. :wink:

Thank you for the thought but I’m not sure if that would help me so much. you see it’s not mythological beasts I’m worried about so much as spiders and snakes. I’ve always been a little paranoid about them but not like this.

Well, with this troll cross I almost guarantee you won’t be bitten, and without it with only slightly less certainty. :smiley:

Do you really think it would help with how I’m feeling?

If you believe in its power, it could. When I got a dream catcher, I had some belief in it and could feel an energy of sorts radiating from it when I first got it. I haven’t had any severe attacks in dreams since, and it would happen on a regular basis.


Instead of dwelling on fairy tales equipments, read about your fear. The more you know, less you’ll be scared.

perhaps you could just fumigate the house really well and then you wouldn’t be so afraid? I wish you the best in overcoming this phobia.

Is being bitten something that happens a lot in your area? Has it happened recently to someone you know? Are there a lot of snakes nearby? What do you think might happen if you are bitten? How likely is it?

I have wasp phobia. I understand you. Sometimes I can’t go out doors in the summer. I have been stung a couple of times but it was not bad. Just a bit swollen for a few days. No allergy or anything. Still I’m terrified. But the only way to get rid of the phobia is to face your fear. Slowly.

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I fear getting bit by spiders and stung by bees, wasps etc…

Its really a natural fear, but sometimes we take it too far

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Do you live in a place where there are a lot of poisonous creatures? If you do, you might just take a few healthy precautions. Watch where you place your hands and feet. Keep an eye on the ground around you. Don’t do it to the point of obsession, though.

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I once got stung by a wasp literally on my lip.

you are safe :heart:
hold a torch and wear wellingtons…
snakes avoid people…
and spiders aswell…
take care :alien:

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Not very many people get bit. My father was bit by a copper head years and years ago. there aren’t very many snakes that i know of. I fear I might die. To be truthful it more than likely isn’t very high of a chance. of getting bitten even though bugs are everywhere I know not very many of them can kill.

No there are only two spiders and two snakes that are.

i live in australia :earth_asia: on a farm…we have every deadly reptile and other creatures you can imagine.
yesterday we had a brown , and two black snakes on our front porch. :snake:
a brown snake will kill you , if you panic in half an hour…max time you have is an hour.
there are snakes that will kill you in 20 mins…
the point being we are not part of their food chain.
if you don’t pick it up or chase it…you are pretty safe.
gardening :house_with_garden: in australia is called an ’ extreme ’ sport …lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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