I'm scared a little

I heard a demon talking real slow and growling from the tv. I changed channels. Really scared me. Anyone else have voices in your tv?


That would spook me too. I don’t blame you for being a little scared. It’s not real though. Not a demon or anything.

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I used to have them, happened a lot it was like the people on the tv talked to me, they also said stuff like: i think he has hallucinations and come on bro change the channel!


I’ve heard and seen things on the TV that couldn’t be true.

It’s confusing and scary,

But it’s not real.

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I see the actors or other people reacting to what I’m saying, thinking, and doing. I usually turn off the TV at those points.


I have to change the channel. Damn delusions.

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I don 't hear things. But there are good things outside the window.

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It reminded me of several severe cases that I had.

First. It happened during winter 2015-2016 (maybe 2016-2017, doesn’t matter). I walk on an empty street of a calm small town at a winter evening. At some point I notice a pedestrian way ahead of me. They walk my way on the same side of the street. I pay it no mind. Some time later we cross. Then, suddenly, that pedestrian jumps on me! I blink in shock and confusion. There is noone there. The wide and long street is completely empty except for me.

What made this case memorable to me is the fact that I saw that character for at least 20 meters away. I saw their shadow gradually come closer and heard footsteps. And yet they disappeared in front of my eyes.

Second. It happened in broad daylight summer 2020. I eat some sauteed zucchinis. I lazily dig in with a fork, moving a slice in the deep bowl. Suddenly, a white spider-like creature quickly skitters out of the bowl, then crawls on my arm. I spit out the food, start to cough, yell curses and try to crush the tiny creature with my other arm. In the confusion, the creature disappears. At first I thought that I killed it. But after I calmed down I found no corpse.

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I think the people on tv are interacting with me psychically. Usually they’re giving me approval, but it can turn bad. One time they scared me so bad I took off to Texas. I thought the interaction with me was localized. One time I bought a .22 automatic for self protection. I didn’t plan to walk into a crowded place and open up. You’re not going to do very much damage with a .22 auto. The danger was that someone might walk up behind me on a dark night, and I would have turned around and shot them.

Wow @vladyslavbond ! That’s scary!!!

It is ironic to me that you used money on a weapon instead of a doctor.

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