I'm so frustrated!

My charger broke the day before yesterday.
I’m in the hospital, and I’m not allowed to go out without supervision. Yesterday I got some money wired, so I asked the nurses to send someone with me to go get a new charger. “We’re understaffed today, but we’re sure we can do it tomorrow” they said.
Well, now is tomorrow, and they just told me they most likely can’t today. Which means I have to wait until monday! They told me one of the reasons was that the store was too far away. Well it hasn’t moved since yesterday, when they assured me they could do it today!?

I can have my phone charged in their station/office, but it means I won’t have access to it while it charges.

This is so frustrating! Just come with me and let me buy the damn charger! OR let me go on my own! I promise I won’t jump in front of any cars!
They usually let me go on my own when I’m here, but not this time.



Yeah,they treat you like you are in HOSPITAL!

The problem isn’t that they have restrictions on me, the problem is that they keep telling me I have to wait and then the wait doesn’t pay off.

Now I’m pissd off too…

Denmark is a country considered to researches country with best standard in the WORLD!You recycle 97% of garbage you make.If you are not happy,I’m sure someone from third world country that can’t afford food (to not speak of medications) wouldn’t read this!

In Spain we are not allowed to use our mobile phones while we are hospitalized.

I apologize for my behavior.I hope you’ll forgive me…

Dear @Pikasaur, some patience will solve the problem,

If it means something to you,I asked my self for suspension.Sorry @Pikasaur You are in hospital,and I was supposed to know that I shouldn’t use that language…

@anon70049667 I’m not going to suspend you. It sounds like you’ve learned something about compassion today, and that’s a good thing.

@Pikasaur I’m sorry. I would be really frustrated too, if I couldn’t get access to my phone.


Don’t be a dick man

I’ll ask @SzAdmin for deleting my account…

Things ease up once you move to the open ward. I must say though, writing from Glostrup hospital, that I sort of miss Brondby’s closed ward. People were mostly very nice.

@anon70049667. I think you’re overreacting by requesting your account suspension or deletion over something so minor. This forum would be an empty forum indeed if we issued account suspensions or deletions for minor transgressions like this.

With that said, it’s good that you recognize you could have been more understanding of Nova’s frustration. It’s difficult to get your hopes up repeatedly, especially when you’re in a hospital setting where you may already feel you don’t have the freedoms you’re used to. Plus, without a charged phone Nova can’t hang out with us on the coolest forum on the internet!

@Pikasaur. Once you get your phone charged, let us know how you’re doing.


Thanks @Moonbeam for everything you’ve done for me.If isn’t for your support in past I wouldn’t know how to apologize.


Jesus just don’t act like a dick, and get on with your internet life

@Pikasaur can probably relate to this gif… :smile:


Hey guys. They finally took me to get a charger, so the crisis is over.
@NotSeksoEmpirico I’m in an open ward

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Hopefully you get it charged soon! I just saw that you did get it charged! Yay!!!

Also, I’m feeling a bit better today :slight_smile: