Ugh stuck out of my house

Went to ER. Didn’t get admitted to psych, decided to withdraw consent.

Now I am stuck outside house since 4:30 because I forgot to take keys.


At least there is wifi

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OH that would suck big time, I’m always paraniod and carry 3 sets of keys with me at all times

I won’t forget again

hahahaha … wifi saves you everytime :slight_smile:


I can chat or watch something until someone gets up

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Are you from the US? Chilly here in Aussieland. Wifi! Good enough till dawn, at least.

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US. Northeast. It can be cool at night in the mountains and lots of fog.


hello! I have nothing to do at the moment. It’s time to cook dinner here in China but I can’t because the tap water is dirty. This morning they cleaned the water tank up on the top of this building. So I can’t cook.

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That is gross. Last month they cleaned our town water pipes and it was muddy.


In now!


Northeast USA represent.

Although not much mountains here so we could still be relatively far

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Mr. Star is from out west near the Rockies, and he always makes fun of our mountains. Calls them “overgrown hills.” Apparently, if there isn’t snow on the top, he doesn’t consider it a mountain. Such a geographical elitist!

I hope you were able to get inside, and that you’re actually feeling better instead of just suddenly being afraid of the hospital.


I hope you are feeling better. Sorry you were at the ER. I used to live in the USA for a few years so I know what the ER is like out there and it’s not fun at all.

Stay safe.

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I just didn’t want to stay. There is nothing to do in there. If I can get the gas to go, I’ll have my husband drive me to the bigger city near us to a better hospital.

I this one nothing but old books and sleep with group if they remember.

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What’s 3 sets of keys for? Thought I was bad with 2.

In case I lock myself out LOL

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