I'm so dead inside

I feel like I have no emotion. I’m a zombie


Get on an antidepressant maybe

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if you tell yourself you are zombie it will not help you, say yourself that you can tdo everything and have no limitations will create new neaural pathways in your brain and you will feel better…ofcourse this path is not immidiate its life long


Brainsss :zombie: :zombie:


I see, dear… Is it the illness or your ap? maybe like me and like shellys said, we need an extra med to our aps… Aps kill the emotions I find… Not for all of us, for some but it happens quite often…

Anna I don’t know. I just feel trapped. I’m really hating zyprexa atm and want to stop the lithium I feel it’s making me dead inside

Ok, I know what is Zyprexa. I am quite disabled in my emotions without it, so it really adds to feel more than deadness on it. I feel pain, its terrible. but me, I cant stop it. You know, I am on Depakote too and its really different from the lithium. I even don’t feel it when I take it. You have lamicatal and Depakote if you don’t want to be on lithium. why do you take the lithium already? in my case, its against my depression and my anxiety…

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I feel dead inside too. it’s because of the illness I guess.

I’ve taken lithium for maybe 6 months. I’m tired of it I don’t want a mood stabaliser any more.i want to be me again. The zyprexa helps but I’m sure the lithium is crap stuff

I feel flat, too. No energy, no passion

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I too am a bit lacking in positive emotions although it isn’t as bad as it once was. For me it has eased with time.

I’m sorry, man.

Maybe tell your doctor you don’t want a mood stabilizer anymore,

You’re seeing them soon, right?

Yea i will tell her.

Going on the 10th or something must check


Mood stabilizers did that to me.

I have more anxiety and depressed moods off of them,

But I feel more like myself.

Its worth the trade to me,

Hope you feel better soon, homie.

Thanks man, Ive got a plan :slight_smile:


Yeah, you can stop it then… Me, I am a boiling and tormented person inside me so I efen prefer a bit of desensibilization already… I know the stabilizers work like this for some. You have the advantage that the ap is helping you. Me, its not my case. I was suicidal a lot on it still, so I need another solution yeah. Sorry to talk about me again, but otherwise I understand. Stabilizers can be a bit too sedative…

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