I'm so bored

I’m bored and want some notifications. Tell me a story? Ask me a question? Tell me how you’re doing? Anything.


I had 2 pizzas today. First time in my life I ate 2 pizzas in the same day.


What kind of pizza?

how long have you been posting in here ?

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One just had mushrooms on it only. The other had pepperoni,jalapenos. I have 3 more in the freezer so I’ll probably have pizza for the next few days !


Ok here goes, just fed dogs, washer and dryer are running, took shower cuz lifted an ass ton today cuz I took a rest day yesterday and will tmr, about to iron some shirts. Then I’ll finish dinner, meat is marinating.


About 2.5 years?

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Wow. That’s a lot. Do you have many problems with negatives?

I’m on the only med regimen I can be on

So is that a no? What meds are you on, if you don’t mind sharing?

Have long qts long story but basically I can only take certain meds

What works for some doesn’t mean it will work for you. I am lucky if I get 4 hours of sleep a night but was one to two for a year

I have no interest in changing my meds, I was just making small talk.

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And elephant tranquilizers are like water to me. I only have one caffeinated drink a day or hardly any chocolate

I’m the same way. I’m lucky if I get 3-4 hours a night. And that’s with the help of Klonopin. It’s the only thing that even kind of helps sedate me. And even that takes a lot and only lasts a short while.


It’s so frustrating but ah well such is life

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I’m watching Dinosaur Train with the kid.

I’m going to eat a can of Irish Stew. What are you having for supper @LED?


What is Irish stew?

I have no idea what I’ll have. Maybe fish and veggies? Maybe a quesadilla? I’m kind of out of food.