I'm screwed pt 2

I wrote about my illness in an essay last night. It is due in 15 minutes. I found out my peers will be reading it. ■■■■. Looks like I’m gonna chicken out. And I’ll have to rewrite the essay and possibly not even a score on it.

I’m tired of this ■■■■

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that sucks, i once wrote a post about sza on facebook and quickly erased it after i was done. i got scared my family and friends would see it,

yeah, telling about MI is bad; unless people need to know.

Yeah I almost used personal experience for a psych paper once and then chickened out. Oh well. Good luck writing your paper.

I have had trouble at work. Problems staying at work for a full 8 hours or unable to put in 40 hours a week. I told my boss that I have sz and he understood completely about my symptom episodes. He also suggested that I tell my group about my disease. He thought that it would allow everyone to understand my troubles. So I shared with my group, about 9 people, that I have sz and the problems I encounter. Ever since then they have all been very supportive with me. I think sharing really helped our working relationship.

Could be like, I really didn’t know this was to be shared, and is quite personal, but some diffcults I deal with because of my illness, We all have struggles.

Wing it and hopefully it isn’t to deep about reasoning within schizophrenia, and people will be understanding about it and could relate to it and feel open towards you.