I'm scared people will figure out my diagnosis

I was recently formally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, other depression, and social anxiety disorder. All I can think about is people figuring out my diagnosis and judging me. It’s caused me to isolate further from extended family, and fear going out. Is there any type of medication that will help with this?

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I’m scared of that too. I do sometimes tell people I have anxiety though, if I need to say something. I guess anti-anxiety meds are probably the ones that might help, or perhaps therapy could help

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I do have an ativan prescription, but that only helps so much. I’ve had a persistent delusion that people can read my mind, and this is uncomfortable for me

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Have you tried any other anxiety meds instead/as well?

There are some who can read my mind too and interfere with my thoughts, I don’t know any real solution to that

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I’ll have to ask my pdoc about that, I see her tomorrow

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This is where I’m at right now. I feel my information was leaked out the hospital I was at about a year and a half ago, and since then I’ve been super isolated and withdrawn from most humans. I try to think that my info is safe, but the suspicions in my mind don’t allow for that to happen. especially out in public when people look at me like they know me, or heard something, or are hearing my thoughts. It makes me feel like rumors are being spread, even though I don’t know anybody in this town. Only thing that has really helped with my paranoia in the past was Haldol or Clozopine. Both have some wicked side effects, but over the two, I would choose Haldol. It gave me muscle stiffness, but not much more than that. I’m currently considering going back. Everybody reacts differently, so I can’t be certain how your or your body would react to certain chemicals. Risperidone helped out with my delusions and hallucinations, but did nothing for paranoia(at least for me). It dumbed down my personality as well. I’m currently on Abilify, and it does help to an extent. I just tell people that I have a neurobiological disorder, they look at me with a puppy dog face and don’t quite understand what I mean. I usually just leave it at that and let them figure it out.

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You dont have to tell your problem if you dont want to. Nobody goes to realize it. So nobody should judge you

I feel like it’d come up in a job interview, or once I see my extended family. For all they know, I’ve been normal since birth. But I haven’t seen some of them in 2+ years (and they live locally), and they might begin to wonder why I haven’t made an effort to see them.

This could all just be me worrying too much, but that’s how I feel at the moment

I understand you worry. It is completely normal. I have been three years ill without work and i dont know how to hide that gaps in an interview. But all you dont say they dont go to figure it out. It is your privacy

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Look at it this way: people who are able to figure out a diagnosis so complex are most probably aware of mental illness and will not judge you for it: trained professionals, people who have loved ones in the same situation, or even other mh patients.

I won’t lie to you, I always try to figure out peoples’ diagnosis and often times I find out I am right. So what? I am mentally ill, also have a Bachelor in psychology and I learnt to simply take these things as any other ailments. I can tell if you have cirosis by the tone of your skin, your smell and the way you put on fat, does that mean I will avoid talking to you?

In interviews is easy to fake mental stability for the most part, as it’s just a few minutes meeting, and the interviewer is most probably trained in HR, not psychiatry. Hell, it’s even manageable to hide it in work or school.

Relatives… Usually they are ignorant and can cause problems. I used to be open about it with mine, until I decided to stay away from them, as they were just giving bad advice, being nosy and untruthful. I grew out of family relations. I stick to my husband and kids.

this is true, thanks for the reply

I have 2 different diagnoses.
One is schizoaffective and the other is bipolar.
I don’t tell others about my schizoaffective dx because there is way too much stigma and fear associated with any schizo - diagnosis.

I will tell a select few about my bipolar dx, there is less stigma associated with this disorder.

Although my immediate family and favorite Aunt knows of my schizoaffective dx.

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The way I see it, it is none of anyone’s business. For me, the only ones I openely talk to it about is my immediate family.
I am in the same boat with you as far as the paranoia goes. Being out in public really triggers my paranoia. When I start having an attack I take clonodine.(it is a high blood pressure drug.) It is really good at helping me calm down, I try to take it only when I really really need it though. If I have a stressful medical procedure or something of the like coming up, I take it beforehand to try to start out on a better foot.

I relate more to Aspergers than sza today.

If they haven’t figured it out by now I don’t know why they suddenly would, unless you have a psychotic break in front of them or something.

Remember most people are very ignorant about psychosis. Unless you’re dressed in rags talking to no one and reacting to things that aren’t there, people aren’t going to just assume you have psychosis. Like they aren’t going to be like hmmm he seems somewhat socially awkward…schizophrenia!!


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