A Demon is Following Me

Does anyone else get this? I’m still grounded in reality right now but I can’t shake the feeling that a demon is following me. I can always sense it standing/hiding in a corner or on the ceiling or right behind me. Ready to get me. What is this called? I’m not too worried about it because I’m going through a med change so I expected some things to get started. But does this symptom have a name? Sensing someone/something following you but not actually seeing it (YET)?

If I could take that away from you I would, I think it means that you’re trying to run away from your problems and moving on to something else

Good question, but I get this from time to time. I never thought there was a name for it. But maybe there is. :thinking:

Describe what our reactions are whether you attempt to do anything to towards it or get away from it or even communicate with it, or do you have any emotions or other involuntary changes in your thoughts, feelings, and 5 senses like superstitious patterns in the world around you or on your body or within yourself.

Or do you purely, simply, and cleanly perceive a being, and you cannot give a care about it sort of like a spot on your glasses so to speak?

Mr. Niceberg


I sense it the same way you sense someone staring at you from across the room. It’s exactly the same. My right ear twitches uncomfortably when I get the feeling. I get creeped out, sometimes even afraid. When I’m outside smoking at night I have to stare straight at the table, can’t look out into the yard or the woods because I will see trees blowing in the wind and think it’s the demon and I’ll panic and run inside.

If this gets worse during my med change I will eventually see it. And it will be very vivid, very real, and I’ll believe that it’s real, and I’ll be terrified. Last night I was scared enough that I slept on the couch instead of in my own bed because I felt safer in the living room with my rabbit. Not that a rabbit could help me but I didn’t want to be alone.

I’ve also been feeling my bed move a lot at night since I started decreasing my dose of Invega. Bed feels like someone/something is shaking it making it move.

So the way I understand it is that you know that there is no back door to your thoughts, feelings, or 5 senses as in you know there is no ESP, but you cannot help but feel like what you feel when you hallucinate.

Okay, I don’t talk to anyone here with mainstream psychology terms or concepts, but I do know what everyone is about because I study cultures and mind frames for a living, and that’s been my passion since I was a boy. I’m not a paid psych doctor though.

Remember this. There are three main components to your mind.

Data to be analyzed
The measure by which you base your perception of the data on
Perceived assumption of the data which you will involuntarily react to.

In other words you are wearing some green glasses to look at your feelings, thoughts, and 5 senses instead of clear glasses. These green glasses are how you measure your data from your own mind such as memory, thinking, random ideas, feelings, and the 5 senses as having an opposite side to them where they are viewed by other beings whether human or not.

This is one way to put it. Imagine that the thoughts, feelings, and 5 senses plus all that you can do with themor react to them like are just shapes. We’ll use the shapes of numbers for this:

Shapes of Sooner’s Inner Contructs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

There are not many parts to the mind. It’s all that simple. It’s the information that is complex, and that makes the mind seem complex like stacks of paperwork, things to do, projects, and ideas piles up all over a huge desk. But it’s just a desk with let’s say just about 9 different sections for handling certain kinds of information.

Okay so 9 parts to the brain. Let’s agree to that.

Now this is what a person who believes there is an other dimension to those 9 parts: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

It’s still 9 parts right, but they are being view from the other side not by any demon or any other being. Instead you are so smart, that you can see not just for other people and animals how they would feel or look at something, but you can even do this with the parts of your mind, and you’ve done this for so long in your life that you have developed the accidental intuition of creating pseudo entities in the data.

In other words when your mind perceives the data you have on your 9 parts of your mind, instead of solving for other problems, it intuitively solves for the present of extra dimensional beings or properties that are just false assumptions of a pseudo ESP reality you used to have. It’s no different than if you see genitalia that you like or don’t like. Let’s be scientific, and not joke here. What you mind tells you is there is not really there, but your mind tells you it is anyway. Another example is color. We all believe there’s color there, but there isn’t. Color is the mind’s illusion over the visual data, and thus you react according to color. A person who has play or practiced an activity for a very long time can just look at a goal, and intuitively that data feeds the processor which gives back a visual, auditory, or tactile sensation that gives the person the exact way to do something. For instance if you are driving down the road, you see the lines on the road, and then your mind sees exactly where the car has to be before it gets to where it will be in moments. Take a cook for example. When cooks determine what ingredients are necessary flavors and the tastes of specific people, they do a mock taste test in their minds, and they can taste how that food is going to taste before they make it with those ingredients and how much of the ingredients.

There’s more to your smart mind that what you are giving it credit for. In each example though you are wearing the colored illusion glasses in your mind. It’s just built in instinctively, or it is something you had to practice. To read these words, you had to practice seeing them as what they mean for several years. To understand the language/s you understand and the cultural nuances spoken in between the lines took you several years to learn. You don’t think about practicing or learning that any more. You just have that built in colored pair of glasses to look at or listen to the data through. The data is just sounds and noises or pixels and ink. Your illusion between your incoming data and your perceived value of the data like I explained at the top of this post lets you read and listen to what people are saying rather than simply see someone’s junk.

The many learned and instinctive illusions we have help us analyse data instantly…faster than we even know. This catches us off guard when we look at dark places for instance through our imaginary being ESP glasses or whatever we do like kids, and then we see what is not there. What is really there is our mind, and that’s all that will ever be in your brain and body through the nerves. It is invisible to everything, but at some point in your life you thought this was not true, and you practiced living life like it were not true, so you developed a kind of sociological language illusion lense for seeing your mental data through. This tells you there is a viewer of your mind that is not really there just like all of the other built in illusion lenses tell you all of the other wonderful things that your mind figures out for you when it is given data.

  1. Your mind senses dark
  2. Your mind gets ready for beings in the dark to be look back
  3. Your mind searches for them because that is what you have done for a big part of your life
  4. Your mind processes the beings in your data through that pseudo ESP lense
  5. Your mind shows you what it thinks and where it thinks it is
  6. Now you react emotionally or you don’t.

Remember the only thing to fear is fear itself. If you are not afraid, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just stay busy making your livelihood. If you are afraid, just worry about being afraid of your great mind’s imaginations because if you are afraid, what happens is the way your mind sees the world is something like a conspiracy theory, and all your mind does is think about how it’s true, reality is ESP real, and therefore you need to live accordingly. To people that see you doing this they only think you are like a dog chasing its tail, or even worse: a dog being chased by his tail. Hehe

Never worry about the illusions, and never worry about the data of the dark or whatever your mind sees, hears, remembers etc. Then all you have to do is worry about your feelings because if your feelings take over in reaction to something that your mind made up out of pretend and imagination, then you’re irrational, and it’s irrational emotions that cause people to develop the conspiracy theory delusions that come into this forum all of the time.

When ordinary people go out to find a partner or new friends somewhere, they often go where there is beer or other things that do something for them. They don’t consume these things because they want to stop seeing or hearing what they’re mind sees and hears. Those things they are okay with. The consume these mind altering substances, so that they don’t react emotionally to those things.

To someone at a bar they just want to see and hear what they see and hear, but they don’t want the fear of it. When you consume your meds, you are doing the same thing.

Now if there is no fear of everything these smart and intuitive people at the bar think other people are thinking about them and especially what they are saying and doing to them, then they won’t hyper panic in to a conspiracy theory mode about how embarrassed or angry they are. This way they can keep and make friends, and find a partner.

Everything, and I mean everything is a matter of looking through the lense you use to measure it with whether you are looking at the outside world or you own thoughts, feelings, memories etc. When you learn you can change the lense you use to see those things around you, those people around you, and those things inside of you, then you will not only have yourself under control. You will understand everyone in the world, and you will adapted to handling them whether or not they know how the lense they view through makes all of the difference in life, or even if they don’t like you. If you know this part, you can handle anything or anyone you put your mind to.

Did you know statistically people that casually drink on a regular basis at social gatherings make more money in their lifetimes than people who do not?

First, there are geniuses that accomplish more in life and make more money in life that most of the world, but on average people don’t work that hard, and in this category the average casual social drinker makes more money.

This is why. Humankind has figured out that meeting new people and working around people can be a nervous matter because of what they are thinking about them or doing etc. That can be distracting, and it can cause over reaction or completely wrong decisions. When the people go to clubs or go to a house to hang around, and socialize with a feeling suppressor, they learn that people in general are nothing to fear, and they practice using their vocabularies making them smarter in a few ways.

When they go back to work, they see all of the people that do not do that as able to be managed, and the people they manage are usually afraid of people, and they over react to things making bad decisions. Management can handle those people with their social skills after they’ve learned routinely that people are not out to get them.

Had that management never had anything to drink when they hung out with people, they would not have ever suppressed their fears would would have caused them to see through the illusion of fear of what people are thinking and doing, therefore they would have never learned anything at those social events that would help them socially in a sober environment at work.

This is the exact reason why the sz culture takes meds, and we shouldn’t drink because the sz culture is not aware of what is happening inside of them or inside of anyone else or how ESP is not a reality for that matter, and it’s this fear of ESP and all of the conspiracy theories that come with it making them make bad decisions which gets them into so much trouble, and it ruins their lives.

Alcohol and drugs does not cure sz. It is dangerous to think that.

Meds suppresses the fears of the “voices” or delusions of ESP beings, but that emotion suppression in general allows us to experience our inner voices and creative imaginations without being forced by our emotions to think of what is not going on in the world, and then reacting to a world that is not real.

Pain is a good example of this. If you are injured in the hospital, they will administer the morphine or something similar. All injury patients say they can feel the pain, but they don’t care.

This is how the psych meds work, and if you don’t care about your inner voices or imaginary beings your genius has made with its inner workings, then your genius essence within you where no one sees but you doesn’t start thinking about a whole world involved in imaginary problems, so you can think about real world problems, and live successfully and socially.

When I was a kid my family used to say I had to be afraid of boogie men under the beds and outside in the dark. It was nuts, but what they knew was there was no such thing. But imagine if there really was. Then everyone in the world should get prepared, and the whole world should make changes to get ready, bar up the windows, block off the roads, and try to figure out technologies that can hold them back. I mean IT’S A BIG DEAL, RIGHT? O_O

No, it’s just a joke, and the whole world has not had a problem with boogie men, but they have made money off of people how believed it anyway. There’s a whole holiday based on boogie men called Halloween, and it is a multi billion dollar thing. All of the psychics, fake ghost shows etc make money off of the same kind of people.

Just be brave, change the lense you analyze data in your mind, around you, and from other people’s minds with, and see if you don’t see things the way someone else who has had much more success does. Because in the end you don’t want to be a poor, broke, hobbled hopeless person who fell for fake ESP and boogymen your whole life. That’s a waste of a perfectly good life. Live like the successful people.

And did you know that the real world is happening all around us, and the real people in it who want to know how it really works are passing us by because we are just stuck on how it really doesn’t work? How bad is that? Sheehs. We’re losing, and we need to figure out our own heads, so we are tricked by these wonderful, genius contraptions.

Mr. Niceberg