I get my disability check this morning

I’m happy to get my disability check this morning because I’m running out of money.


Cool, man. Time to live it up!


My father won’t give me any more money.

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budgeting can be rough. most of my money goes towards rent and debt. ive been saving a small amount: i have nothing to use it for. I get a separate resource for food, so i don’t spend money on food. the secret to my budgeting is using money on a Needs basis rather than a Wants basis, as that’s what the government expects at least.

That’s smart to get free food, I’ve never thought of that before. I don’t have to pay rent because I live with my father, but I spend money on food.

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I have to pay for utilities and household stuff like insurance for the car. Also food because I’m reluctant to go apply for food stamps. At the end of the month, not much left because I splurg here or there.

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Yeah I spend my money on cigarettes and gas.

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I mean, in most cases, people are more willing to share food sooner than money because food is more Needs base i guess. so applying for food stamp is sometimes important. but yeah, different U.S. states have different policies, especially depending on an individual’s resources and income. i’m a bit poor: i don’t even have a bank account :frowning:

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Yeah, I think my disability is too much for food stamps, or because I have an account or something.

That’s ok if you are poor. I’m not poor and I’m still suffering my butt off, but I’m not into money.

Does anybody’s parents help you out with money?

No infact I help them out by paying 800 dollars a month for rent at there house

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