I'm possibly screwed

So apparently my insurance is paying nearly half for my Vraylar 4.5 mg but I have to save $660 or near that to be able to get it.
I only have so much supply of the 3mg blister packs…
I might ask my pdoc for a med change on APs that will either cost less or be fully covered.

Vraylar is similar to rexulti and abilify. Abilify is generic now.

I think my problem with Abilify was the dose wasn’t high enough for me, I only did 10 mg and it didn’t satiate my symptoms. I may ask to go back on it, just on a higher dose if possible.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Try Latuda, and apply for the Sunovion Patient Assistance Program. They will cover the meds for 1 year and then you reapply.

Yeah I was on abilify 10mg but I’m on 15mg now and it’s working out better than 10mg. I’m more stable.

Latuda huh? I’ll research into it and see if my insurance covers it first, I’ll also check the SPAP while I’m at it.

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Oh, that’s good to know! I’ll definitely bring up the possibility with my pdoc then.

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I recently started Vraylar 1.5 mg, but luckily medicare covers all but $8, which I pay when I pick it up. I’d say if it’s working for you, you can write to the pharmaceutical company that makes it and see if they can help. I’ve done this before.

Oh, I’ll see what I can do then, because I mean if I have to, I’ll find something similar that’s hopefully covered.
I’ve personally never written to a pharmaceutical company before.

If you go to the website for the medication, it should have a way to contact them at the bottom. When I did it, I filled out a paper copy and sent it in.

Ur doctor may have samples for free

I don’t think doctors would be cool with trying out different samples. You need st least s month of constantly taking them to see the effects of each instead of a few day sample or such. Never heard of sample meds lol.

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You’re flying too close to the sun trying new brand name meds and being dependent on them. Always make sure you have a long term plan in place to pay for your medication.

There is for sure financial assistance for this drug. Call corporate. They will help.

The sample meds are packs of the medicine the doctor may have, usually when starting out a medicine but not always. If they have them you can get a months worth. I was given them back when I was getting on rexulti, and it was free.

Ohh okay! I didn’t know that. Well now I know! :slight_smile:

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So update, I found my backup meds of generic Risperdal and Abilify, along with blister sample packs of Vraylar, to cover me until I see my pdoc about a med change.
I compiled a list of meds that are covered by my insurance and hope he can suggest one from the list for me to take, I feel like Seroquel/Quetiapine will be the least worrying one though, or possibly Olanzapine.