I'm pondering to get rid of life

I am not doing well. I have got a full time job offer but i dont think i can manage. Actually i am not doing good enough for a half time job. I might try but i feel struggled. Life is a lot of torture to me. I want to leave this life. It’s about doing it now or doing it later. I dont like living this life. It’s also a matter ofdoing it at home or in the outside.

Goggles please don’t do that
I’m really struggling too but I hang on till I see psychiatrist

Thanks for yr reply.

The psychiatrist is not helpful. Actually i cant find my help. The social worker said she can’t help me and stop seeing me.

Life has a way of becoming new and happy in time. Someone might need you too


I’m sure they’d help you if they new how you are feeling
They aren’t very helpful to me either but I hope they will help when see the doctor and I tell them how I’m feeling

I feel unwanted by my family. I feel incapable to work. But where I live I’m not qualified for benefits unless i got homeless and use up all of my savings. And the benefits are so little I cant live on that.

I dont want this life. I wish to leave.

Saying no to life is permanent.

Could life get better? Who knows but you will never know if you end it.

Does your country have a phone line for people who are struggling?

You should definitely insist on seeing a psychiatrist

I will see a psychiatrist. Our pdoc only prescribe meds. I dont want more med.

Hang in there. You might see a glimmer of hope further on down the line…


speaking as someone who has literally died and come back? (yes I died once, I had a cardiac event after I ran for thirty miles straight while in psychosis, the EMTs got there just as I fell down)

Death hurts. a lot. so much more than anything life can throw at you. even when your heart has stopped, when your brain is firing off those last few spasms of life giving electricity, it is agony. like nothing you can understand until you have died. Granted, that is death by heart attack, but others I have talked to describe something similar, when you die in a way where you can actually think as you die it is a pain like no other.


Never make a decision while your feeling down or afflicted.

I thought that the television talked to me…it gave me special messages. That hurt passed and that is the thing.

Get on meds. TAke them and you’ve nothing to lose. Find a good shrink and do what they say…we’ve lost way too many people over the years and that isn’t good.

Don’t be a statistic. Be a helper for others here who’ve felt your pain.

Seriously. I have felt your pain and it takes months sometimes but I’m glad I didn’t take that option!

A friend in the struggle,



It’s a permanent solution to a passing problem.

And because of the details you said I must also say that these threads are forbidden on the guidelines because they might be triggering to others.

I hope you don’t end your life and also be considerate to the other posters here.

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I think my siblings and my aunt also told me that to be considerate to us please leave. I’m writing because i dont have assess to other help. U are just like the them.

The only way is up. You sound like there is a terrible miscommunication with your treatment team get on the right meds are you on any?

Speaking as someone who tried to commit suicide, we often don’t take into account the amount of pain we leave the people that stay behind.

I think, nowadays, that suicide is really selfish really. It’s not even a solution, it’s just running away from the problems.

You can handle a part time job, you have a good relationship with your mother, and you said on previous posts you weren’t going to do that to her, leaving her with the pain of your suicide.

You often post topics like this one and you always arrive at the same conclusion, you need help getting out of that funk and I’m not sure what kind of help triggering others can get you.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but that’s how I deal with this right now.

I know you’re in pain, we all are, it’s no excuse to hurt others too.

the hurt will pass. The future isn’t yours to know…tomorrow you may find a better solution. Yes I’ve been there and I’m glad I didn’t take that option. It’s horribly self centred and totally leaves family and friends in terrible places. ! Please seek help!

I am not feeling good to argue with u. I dont like arguement. But u are judgmental. I wish i can leave this forum and dont need to talk to u again.

I’m sorry goggles, I don’t mean to sound judgemental to you. It’s a serious issue the one you’re contemplanting I just wish you could see from my prespective.