I'm paranoid and need some advice

She used to tell me she wanted me dead how I’m an idiot and a disappointment why wouldn’t she hurt me again

I’m assuming your dad is there? Call him on your cell and ask what the commotion is

But it’s quiet now that’d be suspicious

Then the coast is clear. I think you’ll be ok

I don’t really think so quiet is scary

Can you lock your door?

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No the lock is broken

So I put up some protection spells and I feel a little better.

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Are you sure there are other people besides your parents? Maybe your parents are watching TV and that’s what you’re hearing?

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Explain the situation to other people and see what they say. That’s what people without psychosis do too you know, when they are worried they are just being paranoid about something, like if a partner is cheating on them or whatever. We simply need this feedback for a somewhat more interesting range of scenarios.

Just so you know that’s not a good long term solution. Playing into the psychosis feeds it. Same way when people with OCD engage in compulsions it seems like a temporary relief of anxiety but in the end makes it worse because it acknowledges the obsession. (Ex you say “I don’t feel safe”–>protection spell–>protection spell made me feel safe–>this means there really was something dangerous because the protection spell worked, this is faulty thinking & can lead further into psychosis + paranoia)

Something is triggering anxiety and your brain is making delusional beliefs to explain it. Many people feel anxiety at night due to the isolation (being alone makes us more vulnerable), silence, and darkness. Delusional brain doesn’t understand this anxiety & comes up w a reason–>I’m scared–>must be in danger–>mom wants to kill me??

Change it into I’m scared—>silence/being alone is a trigger for my anxiety & paranoia–>I am safe

For me having some sort of white noise helps break the silence and even just watching tv can make me feel less alone.


Hey noise,

I hope you are either sleeping now or feeling better. I am sure your mum doesnt want to kill you. When i was paranoid I also thought my mum wanted to kill me. She did say some bad things in anger, but now I am no longer having this delusion I understand she didnt want me dead. What she asked you truly isnt a sign she wants to kill you.

Wish you strenght to overcome this delusion.


I can’t tell if this guy is joking or being serious. If you are serious then protection spells won’t help you. We’re not playing Skyrim here.

Just gave your fear and ask your mom if she’s going to kill you. Worse case scenario she shanks you with a shiv best case scenario she puts your fears to rest which I’m guessing she’ll do

Ok so I’m not dead so that’s good I did get a little sleep granted it was not very restful. (And apparently I was grinding my teeth cause now my teeth hurt). But idk if my mom was trying to kill me or hurt me but she was definitely acting weird. And the more I think about it the more a bunch of people sneaking into my house seems unlikely. So idk.

Glad to hear nothing happened. Guess you can see you were just being silly.

I was at my cabin alone one time and I was afraid something was going to happen to so I got my two machetes and slept with them next to me. Maybe that was not the best idea


Are you on meds?

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Been there. Not machetes, though.

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But that’s not how protection spells work… At least not my protection spells. It’s really not different from someone saying their prayers before bed. Like my spells are potent but it’s not gonna stop someone from Trying to kill me. Basically I don’t see it as a bad thing it made me feel a little safer and I was able to sleep.

My trigger is my mom anytime she does something abnormal I panic. It’s cause she used to abuse me (maybe not on purpose but she did) so yeah maybe the fear is unfounded now but maybe I was triggered more than I realize.

Noise doesn’t help when I’m scared I feel like things will sneak up on me.

But thank you for your input.

Thank you I’m feeling better now. I’m just hoping it’s all in my head. I’ll have to see my mom tonight so we’ll see what happens.

Man I wish this were Skyrim buddy. Protection spells work you don’t have to believe me but i know they work. I practice witchcraft and it’s improved my life drastically I’m not stopping it.

And I’m not in the mood to get shanked so no.