I'm paranoid and need some advice

Just curious who I’m talking to. I’m 47

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Ok but how is that supposed to stop my mom and whoever the people she’s with from doing something

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Sounds like be a bit of a party with 8 people. Your being way paranoid. Like I said if 8 people wanted you dead it would have happened by now.

Why are there that many people in my house it doesn’t make sense something is clearly not right it’s like midnight here

Won’t know if you don’t ask but I would. Give your mom some trust and go to bed

But I can’t trust her cause if she does something then I’m an idiot.

Parnaoia is a cruel master.

For me a lot of it is subtle and it creeps up on you till you don’t even realise what the problem is.

I’d concur. Go to sleep and I’m sure tomorrow will be sweet.

If tomorrow comes at all if it isn’t just a prison

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She lives with you , trust her.

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if serious ring or visit emergancy. That tends to sort shite out pretty quickly.

Maybe should tell someone how be you feel

As hard as it is to do when you think you’re about to die you need to go to bed.

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I think sz will cure a lot of people from the fear Of death.

Good night @Noise gotta get up early

Ugh idk what to do. I can’t just ignore it right now none of this is making sense I know she hates me but idk why now. I can’t call cops they’ll make it disappear they take me to a hospital I don’t want that.

That leaving you option to talk to Mom or call someone that can talk to. Mom.

I don’t have anyone I can talk to and I’m not about to enter the lions den.
Like who would I call?

Didn’t you say on another thread that your mom has always been good to you.

No definitely not me and my mom are up and down at best.

Despite an up and down relationship your mom doesn’t want you dead.