I'm paranoid and need some advice

How do yall deal with paranoid thoughts. Like how do you tell if you actually have something to be afraid of or not?


I just figure i have little control over it,. I figure since i belong to God , i trust That if i stay faithful to him ,my life is in his will , so I’ll accept the outcome as it is. What ever happens happens i pray about things then let it go. Lots of times i accept that most tragedy is in my mind and or out of my control.


Never had a paranoid thought still a Sz…

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I have never been able to talk myself out of them, especially off meds. I remember sitting on the couch one time, trying to tell myself no way can it be true, then I go off into “what if” and away i go from there


I think my mom is trying to hurt me possibly kill me. Help

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I don’t think i have even the insight to try to talk myself out of it either I think you just need to take things head on and say so , what if it is real. Then give things time to work themselves out or make some level headed phone calls if needed. Works for my paranoia and delusions but we’re all dealing with a bit different situation.

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That’s something you probably shouldn’t act on unless you have real evidence, maybe you should talk to your mom. That’s not the norm for moms

What makes you think that

I had a doctor tell me don’t you think if someone wanted you dead that they would have gotten it done by now.

She kept asking me about what I’m doing tonight and asking about when I’m going to sleep and just being over all suspicious

That’s normal chit chat your being paranoid was there anything else

She never asks that kinda stuff though why is she so interested now? Like every part of me is screaming she’s up to something tonight.

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I hear them laughing right now. Why are they laughing that’s not ok.

Go out there and casually ask what’s funny? Ask what you missed, sounds like it was good. Something benign like that.

There are lots of reasons she could be curious or could be just be making smal talk. You could ask some questions. But personally I am sure your mom puts up with enough worrying. She might want privacy after your in bed.

@Noise how old are you?

The problem is they should be asleep right now I’m seriously trying not to panic right now. And I don’t want to disturb them it might make them angry.

Sounds like they want to spend some time alone after your in bed

My mom is always worried she never relaxes that’s a perfect motive for her to do something to me.

I’m 23 though why?

There’s like 8 of them though that’s too many.