I'm ok with computers, do any of you have computer jobs?

And how did/does it work out for you? I think I could be technical phone support for people with computer issues if I had rudimentary training. I know a woman who said she could set me up with a job doing this and I could work from home, but I would have to give her my real info and I don’t trust anyone.

Sort of. I am an IT Configuration Administrator. Basically set up accounts for a large company and give new users access to drives and make them email addresses.

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Well I’m a word processor but nothing indepth
However my brother is very talented at computer programming
I remember him playing with computers since the age of 11 and he has a very nicely paid job as computer programmer after a degree at age19
He likes to live high life though and spends his money

Did you have to go to school for that? Does it take a lot of higher math, or if you are an intuitive person can you figure it out?

My 3 older brothers all had computer jobs doing everything you can name, and my ex had a degree in computer something or other in college and wrote all his own programs and built all his computers/servers for the business and home.


I can navigate the computer and hack into old files and dig up some dirt, and have very unconventional ways of getting the job done because I’ve never been trained how to use them,
but the sad fact is,
I’ve never even typed a proper letter to send in an email, or made a list that didn’t appear bootlegged.

According to achievement tests I had good mastery of math as a teen, being at a college level at 15, but I sucked at English. Now I’m relatively good at writing if I apply myself but I’ve lost my skills in math.

I’ve always done well in English with little effort, but math is another story.
Our high school was so large that we had 30-35+ kids in each class, and lack of proper teacher to teach them.
My math class was taught by the football coach, who was a very large man than would tell us to work on a page out of our book and then he’d hide behind a newspaper at his desk and nap until class ended.

No its my first job in IT. Every other job I’ve had before this has been admin. But the training they provide so its pretty good.

I used to be a software developer before my first episode, am still recovering and haven’t really gotten back to it yet. But I reckon I could still do the job.

On the whole it was interesting work, different set of problems to solve every day. I worked for some smaller companies, where standards were quite lax and often set by the individual, and also for some blue chip firms where it was really variable by work group what the working practices were.

Having computer hacking right now after someone at work gave me vision of room full of coworkers giving me the finger, rude/lewd video message room several and now coworker talking in my head…Coworker’s side business on web design had LOTS of problems few months ago, never had anything hacked that bad…

Finished my letter with internet unplugged…Things were fine from there.

Trying own business working from home now but there is ALMOST NO WORK HERE ANY MORE! Had to move from city with good opportunities to going under poor city…Still trying.

Played with InDesign working on laying out books, tutorial was JUST WRONG! Spent 3 hours messing around and just wouldn’t work like video. Had to hunt around for other video on internet, FINALLY!


Very basic web, I refuse to even get involved with the other web functionality as these proprietary website creation tools are hiccuppy or torture to use/maintain. I don’t mind doing updates but I refuse to do more any longer. Get a developer so I don’t worry about hackings/crashes. Ehtml newsletters are easy…

Social media…


I want a computer job. I’m going to learn more programming. It’s freakin hard.

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