I'm now really Afraid

My Psychopath brother is getting increasingly aggressive towards me.

He has violent and explosive anger and rage issues.

The other day on the phone he asked me if I was still suicidal - I heard him chuckle faintly in the background.

Earlier he told me that he wanted to kill me the other day.

I really believe that he has the capacity to have me killed.

He is an extremely powerful and wealthy individual with lots of different connections.

He has a high position with the Organization I’m involved with.

I honestly feel that he is plotting something that will completely destroy me.

He seems to be beyond psychotic and has a hatred for me so deep that I really believe he is going to snuff me out.

He has zero Empathy.

I am getting increasingly paranoid but for good reason.

I need to find a therapist soon.

Tell him to quit being a creep

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Yeah that’s the thing I’ve been fighting back with both my brother and father and they don’t like it.

I’m through with their crap altogether

do you live with them?

Just with my psychopath father.
But they frequently plot and gossip about me all of the time

just avoid confrontations and give them space for awhile, it sounds like you’re angry with them both right now and sometimes it feels like family gangs up on you. What are they angry at you over?

They have been treating me like a mentally crippled child since I was a kid.

They are both Narcissists and Psychopaths
There is no logic to their hatred and anger towards me.

But thier aggression towards me has escalated since waking up to the abuse and discovering the monsters behind the mask.

Narcissists don’t like to be discovered.

When this happens dangerous things can occur.

Maybe you should talk to your case manager, if you have one. Explore options. If not a case manager, maybe a preacher. I think you’re doing right by bringing it up with us.


The thing is I don’t really trust the workers from my charity.

My brother could be hand picking people to intentionally hurt me.

Malignant Narcissists have no limits

I reall may talk to a priest.

I’m not religious but I may go see a priest. I know that if I went to the police they would take me to the psych ward at the local Hospital.

My brother and father can basically get away with a lot.

They know that with a Schiz and bipolar diagnosis and a recent involuntary 2 week commitment to an Asylum I won’t be credible.

The last time I tried to explain the truth to Doctors in the ER they had me involuntary Commited.

Even therapists don’t believe me.

It’s very frustrating

I’m afraid for you in your situation. I wish there was something I could do. So I’m sending you a hug :purple_heart:

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I wonder if you are unstable? Surely he didn’t chuckle when he asked if you were still suicidal…you sound paranoid.

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@jukebox I kid you not

This sounds almost identical to me when I’m experiencing an episode, are you sure you’re ok.
Maybe you’re still experiencing some lingering paranoia?

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Stay with us, @Wave

I doubt your brother would try to snuff you out, nor do I believe he will hand pick someone at the Charity to give you grief.

You need to take a ‘whoa pill’. Your mind is racing in this moment. They’ve got you wound so tight, you’re seeing ill will around every corner.


Sorry you’re going thru this Wave, I’d be afraid too. Maybe go to a friend’s house or somewhere far away from your toxic father and brother. Also important, find a psychiatrist to talk to and maybe get some meds.

Is it possible for you to stay at a local Men’s Shelter until you get housing? At least you’d get away from this toxic situation you are describing.

Thanks @anon84763962 @Patrick @MeghillaGorilla1 @see121

I really am experiencing verbal attacks from my brother and my father has raged on me 2 days ago.

My father struck me with a belt but he couldn’t help it, I must have inflicted Narcisstic Injury (A blow to his Ego) and this causes Narcisstic Rage.

I will be Honest, I was prescribed an Antipsychotic at the Hospital and when I got discharged my current psychiatrist wanted me to continue taking Risperdal
for some paranoia.

Well the truth is that I haven’t been taking the Risperdal
Maybe it’s time that I go back on it.
If for anything, to keep me more calm.

The pressure of living with Toxic people is getting to me.

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I believe that most of what you thought was real., Wave. But nevertheless, you sound a little paranoid too.


I think there might be a triple combination of truths going on here…

  1. A toxic situation

  2. Elevated paranoia

  3. You aren’t being med-compliant

Follow your doctor’s orders and go back on Risperdal. And try your best to ignore or at least temper any confrontations with your father, until you are placed in a new housing arrangement.


Thanks @77nick77 and @Patrick

I think that you guys are right.

I am living with Narcissists but I am not at ease and I am a bit paranoid and anxious, made worse from my living situation.

Hopefully I will be Housed soon.

I am going to start the Risperdal tommorow