This is Bullshit

I cannot live with my Abusive father any longer.
He is starting to Abuse me again, using fear tactics and isolating me.
He is now abusing my mother.

I am going to let my brother know about this, even if he won’t believe a word of it.

My father is a Malignant Psychopathic father and I am starting to fear for my life.
I really believe that I will end up dead.

I am afraid to leave the house because of what he could do to my mother ( she abused me too when I was younger) I am also worried that he will hurt my dog.

If he lays a hand on me I’m calling the police, but being that I have a bipolar diagnosis he will twist things and tell the cops that I started it.

He is a twisted Monster who Brainwashed his children.

I would leave but I was raised to be dysfunctional.
He isolated me from everyone.
The other family members, especially my Narcisstic brother and wife were fed lies about me by him.

Honestly I hope that he rots in Hell!


You should see a therapist to counter psychopathic strategies and tactics.
Underlying schizotaxia can be triggered, trough epigenetics, by confusing and abusing parenting.


I’m sorry @wave just be careful…I’m sorry you have to deal with this…if I had unlimited funds I would visit your father and put the fear of his gods in him…I can’t stand a bully…


Sounds a lot like my dad. I left him when I was 16 when my mom moved out. I was about to kill him. He hit my mom. He hit me until I was 12 and hit him back with a right hook. Then he never touched me again. I hated him for so many years. I don’t anymore. I feel nothing. He’s had a stroke and broke his leg. I say Karma. He complaints noone cares. He himself is the reson everyone leaves. He does not understand that. He is Grandiose.


I will hopefully be seeing my therapist soon.
He is extremely manipulative and sadistic.

He is completely void of any Empathy for others.

I might be dealing with a potential killer.

What really pissed me off was my psychiatrists response to me when I told her that I was Abused all my life by my father and to some extent mother.

She said that well you are not a parent and parenting can be difficult.
We have to respect our parents no matter what.
I am dropping her quickly and finding another pdoc.

Manipulative psychopathic narcissistic perverts never have empathy for their preys.
Save your skin!!

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Your doc actually said that…so the child is to blame for the anger of the parent…■■■■ that…I didn’t deserve the beatings I received and it was nice to get bigger and stronger than my father…he stopped the physical abuse after I beat his ass…■■■■ that doctor…kids are frustrating but no kid should be abused by anyone let alone a parent…


The thing is that I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t know where to turn.
I Don’t trust other family members, they won’t believe me.
I don’t even know if it’s worth telling my brother, he is a Narcissist himself and is brainwashed by him.
He is groomed to bully me and hate me.

Honestly I may end up taking my own life or end up bullying him back.
He is old but still a Monster.

I may end up Homeless

the cycle of abuse is a hard thing to break,
and usually people will abuse with drinking or drugs

upon themselves, because it has been internalized.
People say you have to fight back,

but almost when you do that, you’re fighting all the time
from then on.

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Whoa wait up a second

I have had (in the past) some arguments that I was on the dark triad, when I was immature and confounded with insanity…I did all I could to change it, and now I actually have full empathy. What remains is a lack of empathy for other “dangerous” personalities, and I sniff people with that shyt out really well. I mean I was a hooligan. Like, a seriously dangerous one. The really dangerous ones are the ones who have something to gain from abusing you, otherwise they pick something/someone else, like drugs…You do not seem like you will leave behind a huge reward for killing, so I would not fear for your life. Psychopaths know best what to get away with, meaning they won’t waste life in prison on killing you, when they could kill someone for loads of resources if they wanted (they are intelligent).

He sounds pretty intimidating but he hasn’t messed with you lately physically, has he?


We all fight death everyday…all living things are bound in this fight…a bully is nothing compared to this…fight back or don’t…either way life is struggle…I give death a very hard time why would I allow a bully to beat me…

Wait up now, @Wave, Rob, you need to call a crisis line. Google your town or country and “crisis line” and call the number. I was educated in how that system works- crisis intervention is on my transcript. That is the best course of action. If you are in danger for your life, from whoever, even yourself, that is what you need to do- call the number you find in the results. If that doesn’t work, for whatever reason, call 911.

My hometown was the birthplace of crisis intervention…I know a little bit…hope it helps.


Please please don’t do that @Wave. Aside from the fact that I like you too much, you are a wonderful person and you no doubt give your good energy to the world around you.

I’m sorry you’re trapped in such a horrible situation. I really don’t know what to say or how I can help but I hope you can find a way out of it without choosing death or homelessness.

Your pdoc was wrong to say that to you and shows a very limited ability to understand what her patient is actually saying to her, an inability to listen to the greater issue perhaps.

I hope you get to see the new therapist soon.

Once again, I am really sorry you are having to deal with this. You don’t deserve it at all. Sending you hugs and strength to get through another day :purple_heart:

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Thanks a lot @mortimermouse!
I think that I will first call a crisis Hotline
I have one programmed into my phonei
It’s from a local Hospital


I aim to please. Take care of yourself, buddy, and that’s smart that you have it programmed already!

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Thank you @anon84763962!
You are always so kind :slight_smile:

I’m just really worried for you @wave. I know you’re in a really bad situation and I wish there was some way I could help.

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Thanks again @anon84763962 this means a lot to me.
I think that I am going to let my brother know the truth about the Monsters.

Maybe my brother is aware that I was the main focus of his Abuse all my life, but chooses to join in the bullying because he is a Monster too.

I am most likely going to call the Crisis Hotline I just have to take care of a few things before I do.

I have a dog who is my best friend, it’s going to break my heart to lose him.

I am starting to allow God into my heart again - this gives me some comfort.

I have to prepare to leave my entire "family"
It was all just one big illusion.
I am an orphan now.

I may need some help and ask my brother as I have no one, but he may refuse.

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You don’t allow, or, you don’t ask for it,

you just want to get along with everyone,
and it’s a nice ideal worth holding onto.

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You misunderstand I don’t allow it to happen in my presence…I know we won’t all get along but people will act civil or meet the devil in I…