I'm not used to being old....but it's a wonderful life

Lately I keep being reminded by younger people that the things I talk about are “what old people think”…it amuses me but on another note it just hits me like a train that I don’t have much time on Earth left really…maybe twenty years? The reason I’m so sure it is only about that much time is because even though I’ve lost 45 pounds recently, the odds of me losing the rest of my obesity is not gonna’ happen.? If I do, great…but I did stop smoking 6 days ago and that’s the farthest and easiest stop I’ve ever done…I guess when you’re ready, you’re ready…listening to “no quarter” right now by Led Zeppelin. One of their best…did you know that Robert Plant is a historian and it affects his lyrics…


You old fart…

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Remember that twenty years is a life time for some. You can pack a whole lot of living in those years.

I get what you mean though. For my hubby and I it’s a little opposite. He will ask me if I remember a movie etc and I have to remind him I’m not that old :laughing:

BTW :clap: on the 6 days no smoking!


Good for you Jukebox! Six days? Thats fantastic!! Yeah--did you ever think as a kid that you would get to where you are now? Its pretty amazing anyway…


So, let me get this straight: You’ve lost 45 pounds, AND gone 6 days without lighting up?! To that I say Bravo!! Good job juke!!! I am so happy to hear that. Keep it up. Before you know it, you will be smoke-free for a month, then a year, and you’ll have SO MUCH more money! It took me 7 months of starting and stopping before I got a handle on not smoking. I know how tough it is. Harder than heroin to quit smoking they say.


if its easy so far, it might not stop being easy until if you ever do light up again

its easy for me THIS time, 8.5 yrs later, still easiest


I’m about where you are. I’m looking at my physical vigor declining. Oh well, things are still okay.

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giving up smokking will help. why not see your gp have aa fuull medical ask theyree advice thats what they are theree for.
dont forget small steps u just gave up smoking.

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Just wanted to give a shout of huge congratulations on the weight loss and the no smoking.

This is great news. Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:

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I am about your age @jukebox - yeah I am feeling old too, but I guess this makes me wiser :smile:
Congrats on the weight loss and the no smoking

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