At least I stopped smoking 6

I can’t believe it…I’m on day six…I pray this is the last time…


Keep up the good work!


Keep pushing through. You got this :+1:


I quit smoking over 2 years ago cold turkey so I know you can quit too!

Well done, you can do it Jukebox

10 times 15151515

Niiice, good luck in your endeavor! Congrats

Way to go, jukebox! Keep on keepin’ on.

Way to go!!! I’m on day 4

well done jukebox

thanks everyone…makes me feel great you care…

How are you doing? My Grandpa used to say that quitting smoking was one of the most difficult things he tried to do. But it can be done, my Grandma did it successfully when she was near your age in get 50’s.

still going strong…thanks for asking…

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That’s good.

It took me about 1400 days to kick the habit. I used the nicotine lozenge.

Drink a lot of water

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I hope so too. It’s difficult but you’ll get there. Hugs

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We’re rooting for you! :hugs:

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Hell yes. Good job man, keep rocking it.



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