I quit cigarettes

I quit cigarettes im so proud of myself. now I have no addictions except gym and good food


Not much man just woke up. Gonna hit gym soon. How are you man??

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I am good but Sz is notorious…??
My appointment with Doc is 2moro…???
Hope ur health gets better…!!!

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Congrats on quitting!

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I heard more then half the battle with sz is excersise

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I quitted 2009 and havent had a smoke since



WELL DONE you’ll have more money whiter teeth and you’ll smell better and your health wil be so much better and you’ll not have skin aging.

I’d like to quit vaping someday . it’s getting ridiculous for me now. I’m ordering my ejuice/eliquid in bulk. I’ve ordered a 30ml syringe to get it from the big bottle into the smaller ones.

Well done on just quitting! :smile:

what day are you on? I am at 36 days. I used the nicotine gum to help.

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Great addictions! You’re amazing! Quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest things to do. Congrats!

Wow, good going jukebox. Fingers crossed you can keep it going. I’m really rooting for you.

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I’m on day 30 used patch for first 2 weeks. Now nothing

yeah since quitting 2009 i havent aged a day lol

i been refused buyiny lottery ticket apprantly you just have to be over 16 to buy

How old are you tygerlau

i was born in 1979

Ya well when my grandma was 66 they asked her for I. D. When she bought smokes

omdz really


Haha ya I think the guy was just hitting on her

Its a complament to be looking young at times but it gets annoying when you buy stuff and being id’d

Ya especially when you look like grizzly Adam’s