I'm not a shooter

I’m a crazy guy, sometimes more than others, it depends on the situation, right now I feel downright reasonable, but I am not a guy who wants to shoot up a school or a public place. I don’t even believe in the 2nd amendment. I’m a liberal and dislike the idea we are out to ban all guns, it’s a non partisan thing with me. I woke up feeling good this morning, having slept at least 8 hours, and turned the TV on to hear of another shooting. I live in an area that is VERY ethnic diverse and I don’t want it to happen here because I’m secure when I get out. I’m just glad I don’t have that hatred those people do. My theory is they are suffering from a feeling of powerlessness and shame and try to gain control of their lives by shooting up a place. I believe in empathy to a point and then not.