Im no longer an interesting town character haha

i was an interesting town character in my hometown, but this new place i only see jay at the gas station. i barely even talk, haven’t even talked to my neighbors in over a year. i mostly stay to myself and don’t even go for walks here. i know nobody here and that is ok i guess. been here 4 or 5 years now.


being the crazy person in town used to be my great leading role haha.


Well, if you are comortable with the quiet life and social distancing I guess that’s fine.

I’m no social wonder myself. I guess it comes with the territory because of the meds. It’s hard to be up for social stuff when we are constantly under the influence of drugs.

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yeah that is true. it’s ok life, sometimes i miss my old life.

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That would kill me. I need support in my life

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it does get very lonely here. i listen to the radio and watch news, and those characters are like my only friends now. plus all y’all of course.

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I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how hard that must be on you.

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Yeah. TV and radio here too. I only have one friend I actually see nowadays, apart from family once in a while. And I do get the odd working hour here and there.

Sometimes when I go to the shop half the deal is to just be around other people for a little while. It helps feel like I’ve done something that day.

Loneliness is a new type of pandemic I guess. 40% of the housing in my country is only occupied by 1 person. Guess we are far from alone.

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That’s awful @Mr_Hope !

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Yeah. There are some that thinks living alone is great, but I guess a lot of people feel lonely too.


They’re trying to turn me into a town character for getting involved with a liar 3 years ago. Because they’re desperate liars.

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