I'm mad at myself for majoring in music

Music is sooo exacting it’s enough to drive a healthy mind to murder. As if there weren’t enough challenges out there that we need to make them up by inventing music. It seems like such a waste of human potential.

It’s actually what causes me to NOT murder. I can murder people in my music without doing it in real life. Ok ok I wouldn’t be a murderer if it weren’t for music but music is great. Cathartic.

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What if murder seemed justified? Maybe I’m not thinking of the frustrations of angry children who are too little to kill their tough opponent. Is there a natural justice that law interferes with?

I majored in music too. Sometimes I think I would have a better job and life if I had studied maths or computer science instead but I am glad that I had those years doing mainly just music. I work in computers now and work takes up enough years of your life so I figure why not pursue your passion when you are young. I get what you are saying about music being exacting though (especially performance of classical repertoire).


Oh, how I wish I had majored in music instead of nursing in college I would have been so much happier an individual all of my life!

That’s funny, one of my favorite jobs was running kids from a children’s home to a clinic. I thought then that I should have been there permanently instead of trying to get a degree in music. Besides all the pressures and risks of failing in music is it’s hard to pay the bills with a music career.