Belonging somewhere

I feel like I have been kicked out of this forum.

Maybe cause I do not ask enough questions or remember names …

Every one keeps changing names anyway.

I feel I am excluded.

I do not connect with people online either.

I will hopefully find other place

I will take s break from forum for a while
I never felt belonging

Maybe in spirit there are a few
I refuse to see my “invisible “ friends as a delusion.:slightly_frowning_face:

You guyzzzz​:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Many people here feel a similar way. U do not hav to go. Your posts r a good contribution


My man keeps threatening to kick me out and has started treating me badly and become controlling in a disgusting way.

I feel alone

My parents can not take my vents
They are disappointed with me for not being educated and or working

I am proud for every day I go to the gym
For every day I do the dishes etc

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Sorry @SacredNeigh7, but you usually write very long posts, too long for those of us with difficulty concentrating, such as myself. I have nothing against you personally, I just get overwhelmed when I see a huge amount of text.


Do u hav someone else u can stay with? It sounds like this is not a mentally safe situation. U r right to feel proud of ur accomplishments


I understand that.

I have the same difficulties reading long posts.

It’s unusual for me to read a huge post because I just can’t take it in and trying to read it can make me sick because it’s too much input or something

I understand that.:heart:

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There’s definitely clicks and inner circles on this forum but still it’s a good place for us schizophrenic don’t leave


I rarely read long posts as well. I just can’t do it.

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Thank you.


My family are all interstate or overseas which makes such bad behaviour to me even worse…

I can’t afford a motel or I could for a few days but it would be very tight with money for groceries etc

Finding a place to hire can be difficult for me too.
I don’t understand beauacrasy
It would have to be long time lease and not someone wanting to sell there house cause then they kick you out as soon as it’s sold.

I can not travel interstate at this point in time for longer period cause my neigh is here.

My father can not stand me for longer periods

I don’t want my parents bossing me about either.
But welcome their advise and opinion.

It might be to cold and hot in this state to live in my car.

I don’t know who to turn to because my parents can’t take my long blabbering emails

I am everything they did not want
My brothers and sister is everything they wanted

Maybe they do not like the breeding mix of my parents combined
I am their only child of that “mix”

My father gets angry and impatient and they are both in denial

My other woman who’ raised me and helps me might understand in a way they don’t but I might be wrong about that.

Even if my parents are disappointed in me I am proud of me for all the little things I do
And for who n all I am


If you do decide to leave, I hope it’s just a break and you return after you’ve rested. We can be a drain with all our problems that is true. I try to brush it off and sometimes purposely post a more positive thread. Even if it’s just a comment on the weather. Anyway, don’t be gone for long. We would miss you.


This is a difficult situation to b in. I hope u can eventually find some good accomadation


What exactly makes you feel excluded? Maybe you’re reading things wrong. I see a lot of your posts and I read them and you’re no weirder than anyone else here ( I guess that’s kind of a back-handed compliment). I don’t see you making personal attacks on anybody or causing trouble so you should feel free to stay and write whatever you feel like. You have as much right to be here as anyone else. I’m sorry about your home life, I hope you find a solution to your current problems. You belong here (if you want to), no ones excluding you.


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