I'm heartbroken

So I was in tinder chatting with a guy 22 years older than me. We planned to meet. I was hopeful cause younger guys don’t want me. So and this guy dumped me before we were able to meet. Crying. I guess he was too sane to start a relationship with a woman 22 years younger than him. But still…

Well done for trying though, keep it up and someone will come along :slight_smile:

Sorry you’re feeling down @anon62371846. I’m sure someone will come along though. Just keep looking.

Honestly, rejection is hard no matter the circumstances and I feel awful for you. But I guess better to find out he’s not the one now than further down the line? Sending hugs xx

Sorry it did not work out, part of dating I guess. I read a article years ago that we have to come across 300 people in one way or another, before we find someone worth dating.

I’m sure that changed now with internet dating, but still breaks down to numbers, more you chat with the better the chance I suppose

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Jesus 300 people before we find the right one?

Im so screwed then

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You never know, it may be that you don’t want him anyway. And he sounds fickle. Keep trying!

I believe that. I know it hurts to be rejected kerli but I believe this is right. You will probably have to go through alot of people before you find the right one that includes bad apples as well. I got disappointed looking so I quit for now.

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Sorry @anon62371846 . 22 years is too much of an age gap anyway. You’ll get over it soon and you’ll be glad you didn’t meet him.

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I hope you didn’t tell him you were schiz right away.


That’s some age gap … don’t be sad @anon62371846 you’ll find the right person eventually.
Don’t tell prospective dates that you suffer with SZ right away.

I know one key thing I have learned when dating is to never even bring up the word “relationship” before you meet a guy as I’ve been told by my guy friends that it can put too much pressure on a guy. I just focus on meeting someone and finding out if we’re even truly compatible first. If we do have chemistry, I might address the relationship part of it in time once I know the guy is totally into me.

I’m so sorry you are heartbroken. :frowning:

Sucks, because I can tell you from experience how much you miss by just saying “screw it then, I’ll stop trying” and then let five years pass by. You don’t get those years back.

There are good men out there that won’t hurt you…there’s a lot of jerks I hear on plenty of fish though…interview well before investing your heart again…there’s a lot of questions to ask a man before you can trust him.

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Actually I did tell him right away I have schizophrenia.

That’s interesting. So after I was dumped I started talking to another guy who is 21 years older than me and he asked if he could have babies with me right away. I’m thinking the first guy was a player and the second guy might be honest and true.

Yeah, sounds like that might be the case. That’s probably my problem… I have a thing for those player types!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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