I'm having a great day, but I'm drinking more coffee ☕

After 2 weeks of unrelenting hellish torture from schizophrenia I decided to try drinking 2 cups of coffee a day instead of just one.

The difference is night and day. I drink one cup at midday and the other at 6pm. Just 1 measley spoon of instant in each.

I’ve got problems metabolising coffee I think , and I feel like I’m on a coffee “high” all the time now.

Ideally I’d feel like this without coffee.

But for now, this is my new regimen.


Glad you’re feeling better regardless of the reason!

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Thanks @Bowens !


I just poured a cup. No clue why I’m tired

Probably cuz I drank too much coffee and crashed already :grimacing:

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I am going to make coffee now.


Well I’m sorry you went through hell, but glad you found something so simple to alleviate your suffering. And one little extra spoonful should be ok.


I like vanilla 22222

Glad you’re feeling better @everhopeful.

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