I'm going to try a different pdoc

I’m really concerned my current psychiatric care provider is going to go out of business. Another provider similar to mine went out of business within the last six months. I would like to be established with another pdoc in case this happens. So I got an appointment with a new pdoc. The appointment is a hour long. I only see my current pdoc as needed for 5 or 10 minutes.
I still want to use my current provider’s activity center, one-on-on therapist, and group therapies.
I don’t know if my current provider is going to allow me to see a pdoc that isn’t theirs. I’m afraid they may discharge me. But maybe not.
I’m going to see the new pdoc June 3rd. I’m going to see if I like him or not. My plan was not to tell my current provider I am seeing another pdoc. I only see my current pdoc if I ask. I was planning on getting my new pdoc to write prescriptions for my psychiatric medicines.


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