I'm getting toasted right now

Just half hour ago I met my neighbor outside, he told me about some thefts that was happening since christmas are ahead. And then he mentioned about gas leak in his kitchen he detected by accident, he said it was the reason he and his baby was getting sick. It fked with me deeply since I remember time I was poisoned and it now it turned back on me, since my bedroom is directly behind his kitchen and only paper wall separates us. They couldn’t get me back then in my workplace since I was carrying my water 24/7, maybe this is how all is going to end. Maybe this is it, all quite and no noises… ffs Don’t want to go back living on street and shelters yet again… ffs

Get a detector for your room…just to make sure its not coming through…


If he found the gas leak, he fixed it and there is no longer anything to worry about. Nobody intentionally poisoned you. Gas leaks happen all the time due to simple wearing of the pipes. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you @flameoftherhine that might be something I’ll do asap. It’s been a long road @ninjastar but thank you for considering, Obviously it also makes sense fixing the leak too. Thanks

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I the weather is warm enough, you might want to leave the windows open too. Help air out the room.

Bloody OCD to bones, stomping any bug/spider found with force and big passion, I keep only roof window uncovered, everything is blinded. ■■■■ we are all in at certain stages at our lives. Thanks