Im feeling really dissociated and anxious

Havent been sleeping, taking showers. My apartment is falling apart and I dont care. Its been a rough week and Ive been skipping class and drinking instead. But I made this track, it sorta reflects my feelings


Have you tried meditation. deep breathing or any focusing exercise ?

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I used to do that a lot. Lately havent had the time. 8 hours of lectures a day plus labs and homework, whatever free time I have I dont have nay energy to do much but sleep.

I say that but Ive been skipping. Whats wrong with me lol

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You need sleep more than anything.

Stop Skipping Meditation… This is whats wrong with you . You have lost a good routine. Meditation can happen early in the day or late at night it will help you sleep as well as focus for the next day of events.
I fear you will relapse or get sick if you don’t get back into a good routing.

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My dude. Find a therapist. Get your meds straightened out. Put down the bottle. Make a checklist, and start checking things off. Even if you only manage to do one or two things a day, even if the only thing you manage to do is stay sober. You can be happy. A lot has happened to you recently, and you have a lot on your plate. I think anyone would be feeling overwhelmed. But your problems need to be solved, not ignored.


Hey, you gotta go to class and stay on top of things, even if it’s difficult. You successfully made it through your first year in Sweden and now you’re in your second year in France so you got this!

I’m really impressed with your musical composition. I think it may be my favorite so far, and you’ve posted some great music. Focus on the music when you need a break from school and try to refrain from self-medicating with alcohol or street drugs.

Good luck with everything and keep on keepin on.


@sweldon001 @ninjastar @Moonbeam thanks guys. Full disclosure I am drunk right now but I know I can get it togehter and make tomorrow a recovery day to get myself together. Checklist needs to be made for sure. I havent been sober since friday when I couldnt figure out how to work the electron mirocope for 4 hours loll

Im going to do my best to get back on track and make something of myself, anxiety/dissociation be damned


You don’t need to make anything of yourself. You are enough as you are. I just want to see you stop hurting, and the only way to stop hurting is to start problem-solving.


Hey. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten back to you, I was sleeping.

You are doing the best you can, but please don’t drink to cope with what the illness is throwing at you. I used to cope with self-harm when I was psychotic, and I’m left with its long-lasting effects. This composition is really good; in fact, you sent me the piece and now my heart hurts knowing that you were struggling as you were sending me this piece. I just want you to be okay and stable, and I feel like I wasn’t there to help you when you needed me.

I’m really proud of you for everything you have done, and I know you can fight through this. I know SZA is tough, and it is truly a challenge to a lot of us, but I know that you can face it and fight through it. You made it through this far, and I’m proud of you. I know you can continue to move far ahead.

Sending love, strength, and peace.

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How do you get Sound Cloud to work? It never works for me! I think it’s because I’m on an Apple product.

It works for me, I just click Listen in Browser.

@zwolfgang Beautiful music. That sound like video games music like Assassin’s Creed.

Do you have an IPhone?

Oh no Android. Maybe try another browser than Safari, try Chrome.

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