I'm entailed to a mobility car from the government

I was awarded a disability benefit that entities me to a mobility car to help me get around. I can use my mobility award which is £200 a month to lease a car for 3 years, in that is insurance and road Tax. I can’t drive but can get my staff to drive me around. Do you have any shemes like that where you are? I’m from the U.K…


Sounds like a hell of a deal. I wish the government would lease me a car.


We sure don’t have anything like that in the US. When can I move to the UK?


That’s awesome! I love the UK’s health benefits. I wish the US had them, but half of us don’t want them apparently.

I would love to be back on the road. Best of luck to you with your car!


Nope. I pay a fortune for a car that doesn’t move a lot and it all comes out of my pocket.

The UK system isn’t as good as people think. I had the mobility component with DLA , but lost it when reassessed for PIP. The reason? An assessor who chose to deliberately lie . My brother,who was with me at the assessment, had stressed I needed someone with me going to unfamiliar places. That was downgraded to ‘just needs prompting’ . Even without chronic lower back pain and the Covid situation I wouldn’t be going far from home on my own.

When they had to do a mandatory reassessment I was rejected. I then appealed and provided a supporting letter from my stepdaughter. I then got shafted on the not going out much because of my poor sense of direction and then being told that because I don’t go out much I don’t qualify for the mobility component. It was a classic catch 22 situation.


I’m in America and we don’t have anything like that.

Over here as long as your not dying from malnutrition your O.K. We aren’t concerned about luxuries like driving

Also, $200 in the states won’t get you ■■■■ for a lease. Not even like a Corolla probably. And then you have to return the car and they ding you on all sorts of things. $$$.

My, that’s an awfully generous social program…

Hi Bobilly, did you get it bc of your mental health or have you got another physical disability as well? My Mum gets it bc her mobility is severely affected by her disability and i drive it for her, its £60 pw but we half it, do you have to pay for care charges as well?

what car dyou think you’ll get and where would you go in it with your carer?

p.s. you should be entitled to a blue badge as well

Just in case people think its easy to get this, it is not, and people with mental illness usually don’t qualify for this.

I get the mobility standard rate myself. But personally i prefer the cold hard cash. Ive got a disabled bus pass i use if i wanna go outta town. I wouldnt spend it on a car.

Yeah same I prefer the cash or just buying a cheaper car than they offer and keeping cash.

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Man you guys in the UK get lots of support also your disability pay is much higher than here from what I read. Here you’re lucky to get 800$cad/month, usually its 600-800$cad/month.

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Canadian $. 155

Wow I had no idea disability in Canada was that bad. I though it was good.

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No I just get it for mental disabilities. I am entitled to a blue badge too.

I thought it was easy to get, although my social worker but down when I get overwhelmed and paranoid in public I can become confrontational.

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