I'm depressed and bitter

I need to stop doing this to myself, I’m in this situation because of my own stupid fault.

I will spend a long time in bed hating psychiatrists and the medications. It’s not their fault. Just wish there was another way. Bring on CBD meds. Feeling a little better now.

I’m SZ of no fault of my own. It had to be something damaged in the womb, combined with brain traumas segmented throughout my life. If only 1% get this, it’s not really a truthful statistic.

And plus, I have done minimal harm to others - so that whole “it’s spiritual & you’re being rebalanced for crimes you’ve committed” is total nonsense.

I get depressed and bitter sometimes. Then it kind of fades, then resurfaces depending on external stress. External stress makes me realise how useless I am, which makes me a bit bitter at times.

I have been feelig a bit down and bitter (angrier) lately.

I am frustrated with my pdoc because she wont reduce my Risperdal dose not even a little bit.

Tired of taking these Meds, wish there was a better way also.