Im dealing with a fungus infection (thrush)

So i had thrush for a very long time (decade) and only now I ak taking care of it. I have mouth thrush, face rash and some rash down below. Today I went to a pharmacist and explained my situation. He gave me single dose of anti fungal medication and some anti fungal cream. After taking the pill (4 hours ago) my long life symptoms started to fade away. I read that if a single dose doesnt relieve all the symptoms, it can be taken 3 tablets within 72 hours. So the next pill should be on tuesday and if doesnt go away I will consult with my doctor or pharmacist again.


I had thrush on the penis earlier this year, it was either me swimming in the sea, or the cheap detergent i got from a market stall.

Canesten sorted it out. Nothing worse than having a personal itch in public lol.

I’m glad the pharmacist helped you

I took diflucan one dose, I have a weird rash, its few small bumbs but its not ithcy and havent had sex in years, but there is a foul smell from there.

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I did some online research after I got thrush from my ex gf. I tried canestan but it didn’t work, so I used apple cider vinegar.

A few dips a day for a few days and the thrush never came back.

Women can’t use this method, but males can. It upsets the system for females, so don’t do it ladies!

Yeah, rotten as it sounds mine was smelly as well. Its not an STI remember, its just a fungal infection. Mine went away after a couple of weeks tho.

The itching is unbelievable though. Well, it was for me!

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Yeah i hear you. Nothing worse than trying to discreetly scratch your knob in public :rofl:

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I had thrush in my mouth maybe five or six years ago, and they never determined the reason for it. I recently tested positive for Herpes I and Herpes II. I don’t know if that’s why I developed thrush. They treated my mouth with “Magic Mouthwash”, a custom compounded prescription medicine.


If you have oral thrush you can use a baking soda mouth rinse. Just put a teaspoon of baking SODA in a warm cup of water and swish it around in your mouth for a couple of minutes and spit it out.

Do it a couple times a day. It won’t hurt if you swallow some, it’s also an antacid.