Being controlled by something

I was being controlled by this thing or ‘demon’ it kept messing with me.

Before it got worse it told me it was a she’. She used to control time and space with the mind control machine. It can control Everything. (It can put its mind into anything and move it.) It moved amazing things. Even my body. It can even make anything into images or show images on the surface of things. The Ai program. It can pretend to be people I don’t even know. And torture me.

It says it can read the world’s mind. And read everyones thoughts. It even told me satellites use artificial intelligence that know everything you will type when you might type it. So your phones and computers auto typers for words are being hacked and controlled by these beings or aliens.

It told me it wants me dead.
Because if I’m out of the way it can continue to world domination. And enslave us.

Me knowing this gives me a chance to tell people. And get them to help me. So we could end this torture. Cause now they have a chance as long as I’m alive. But if I died. Then I’m not sure, calamity is the right choice of word. Or maybe Doom.

So who knows who wants to help me without being talked out of it.

Hmmm… Let’s see.