I'm back, sorry for my absence

)I’m back sorry for the long absence… Live update… Still struggling with learning coping mechanisms, medication helps. Got me a part time job in a psych hospital to get more exposure to mental health problems, for it to teach me coping mechanisms… Kinda ironic a schizophrenic being a psych tech in a psych hospital… Literally had to talk with patients to calm them down from freaking out over hallucinating, while I’m literally hallucinating as well…
Otherwise my main job still sucks because my coworker still treats me like garbage. Meeting my new manager in the morning to discuss fmla and changing my schedule and some other things to get me away from that coworker…
Got a job interview as a flight attendant next week Saturday, still not sure I can/want to do that but I love the idea of travelling and I definitely need to change my work environment…
Still wish I could find more schizophrenic people around here (Knoxville tn) to make a support group for like issued people but nobody knows about me at the psych hospital and I feel it would be inappropriate to make outside friends there…

Started a dungeon and dragons group as DM as an sort of therapy session for myself lol it seems to actually work… Something fun to make myself be social…
That’s about it for updates here… Hope you all are doing ok and sorry for having been absent… Was dealing with life and dropped into my antisocial behavior again…


You’re pretty outgoing even for a normie, by the sound of it. Good going!

Welcome back.

I’m definitely not outgoing. And as far away from being a normi as can be lol

Welcome back I hope you are feeling better

I mean you’re doing as much as a normie would, that seems pretty cool.

Welcome back. Keep grinding

good to see you around.

Flight attendant sounds exciting but difficult if you have symptoms.

I traveled to Sweden Australia back n forth while psychotic and it was horrid.
I suffered.

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Well my symptoms are mainly paranoia when they get close to me emotionally, not strangers… I live with this thick wall and outside of it I’m without problems… Get close to somebody and let them inside the wall is when I have problems…for now

Tabletop games are so great, I could never find someone to play with as a youth. I read a lot of fantasy novels set in the Forgotten Realms though.

@naturallycured Yeah I’m doing a lot but its a struggle Andi have to force myself…

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I would invite you but I think you said your from north virginia which is a not far away lol

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it seems it only takes one to ruin the whole shebang

I know all about a shitty coworker, sorry your’e going thru that.

glad you came back to the site.

Do you have a NAMI meeting near you? It’s a support group for the mentally ill. Maybe that would help?

So are you holding down 2 jobs? That’s almost unbelievable for a sz.

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Yea, two jobs at the moment. But neither is what I’m trained for and far below my skills

@Phoenix90 Welcome Back! I started in November. Your psych job is my dream job. I would love to help people. Did you tell them you struggled before? What is your full1time job?

My full time job is in cardiac diagnostics. No they don’t know about my condition

That’s also a cool job! I know you aren’t doing what you want, but you are very accomplished!

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