I'm baaaaack! So glad to be here again!

Hi all, I’m so happy to be here again, I was offline for two or three weeks because of internet problems and then hubby wanted me to take a break from my support group. I was counting down the days I could come online again. I missed you guys so much! Well, as you know its the Ramadan fast now, and its really hard, I’m longing for it to be over. I hate fasting, I miss my noon cuppa coffee!!! Aaaargh! I don’t know how it has affected my sz, maybe because I’m taking meds properly that my sz is under control, but I’m really irritable and moody worse since the fast started. I don’t know if that is part of the sz or different, I’ll have to maybe discuss it with the pdoc tomorrow.

Anyway, just thought I’d say hi! :smile: :sunny: :blush:


Hey @Hadeda, welcome back. Good luck with your appointment with your pdoc tomorrow. And hope you feel better soon…

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Do you have to fast despite taking the medications?

I have been writing here two years now.

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Well, I take meds in the morning and night, so I can fast, so maybe I am supposed to, I think I can so I do.

We were ‘fasting’ as kids with my grandma.
I remember that really special feeling after the sunset when everyone gathers around the table.

I wish you a blissful Ramadan :hibiscus:

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Thank you, Sarad. :blush:

May I ask what religion the Ramadan fast is? The Bahais have a 19 day fast (from sunup to sundown) in March.

Islam I think…

Welcome back @Hadeda! Its really good to see you around here.

Chordy, Ramadan is the Islamic religion’s fast - 30 days fasting from dawn to sunset. :blush:

I have never managed to fast. Our fasts are a little different. You cannot have anything but water for 8 days some do more ome less but . I find that a bit extreme…with this illness it is a must to eat if you take meds.

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Hi. I saw in another post that you either did or almost became a Catholic nun? I’m considering being a monk after I go to college. im 18.

what got you interested in catholicism and if u dont mind me asking, what made you switch?

Hello! Welcome back!i’m new on this website though, I’m also fasting this ramadan!i wasn’t able to fast in 2012 when I was first diagnosed cause my doctors said I need to be on my meds!the fasting doesn’t really make me feel worse but I’m seriously struggling with negative symptoms n cognitive problems! I’m on Abilify 10 mg at night

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**Welcome back @Hadeda :smiley:
Welcome to the forum @phoenix71767! **

Thanks @bridgecomet!i hope u are doing well.

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Also suffering with Ramadan, sometimes I just lose control and break my fasting other days I resist the temptations especially to smoke. Difference is that I’m in a strict Muslim country and can’t eat drink nor smoke in public during Ramadan. Good luck for the appointment and welcome back sis.

Almost all psych meds interact with our usual diets to (over time) normalize the body to certain “treatment.” Take the usual diet away, and you take that “normalization” away, as well. The irritability you’re experiencing doesn’t surprise me. It’ll clear up a week or two after you start eating regularly again, pretty likely.

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Welcome back Saadiqah.

welcome back saasiqah and best of luck with the rest of Ramadan.