This brings up to me the chicken and the egg

Ok I just went through mini relapse due to husband stress.
But I did not go to hospital THIS time.
Ok I was raving like a madwoman but I hid downstairs so my husband would not hear.
After trying to recover this weekend at home, I made myself go to work because staying at home just drives me mad.
My son gets it, hubbie does not. Son said just relax and said you don’t have to do anything.

It was so hard to concentrate, but that’s not a symptom right?
I just have to try harder, I am strong!
Yes I felt like they were emailing about me but I’ve been here 16 years.
They know just to leave me alone in the lab and don’t talk to me or look at me.

Did I just have symptoms first and then the demon docs claimed I had sz?
Did I have sz first and then then I had symptoms that lead people to believe I had sz?
Did I have great uncles that really had sz and killed themselves? Or were they just drunk?
DId they drink to try to get rid of symptoms? Hmmm I do that at times.

So does it matter? I just take more medicine and then after some time, things get back to normal.

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i hope you are feeling better :sunny:
take care :alien:

Thanks darksith. I take more I do.
But it doesn’t always work like magic you know. I’m just not as quick as I was 10 years ago I could just hide everything.

This all belongs under a rug.

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you seem together somewhat.? I hope you feel better soon.

Well now I’m home. If I just stayed at home though there would be stress even there.
There is stress everywhere in USA.
But if I was in the Middle East I would be dead. So I thank God he had mercy on me.

They tortured me all weekend so maybe they are tired of me now.