I'm an archangel

I’m an archangel. That’s why I have so much trouble just living a normal life. It was never meant to be. God is watching over me making sure I don’t get involved in too many human matters, because he has a special purpose for me. He only wanted me to “try” to live like a normal human. And, I tried but it’s just not for me. In the next life I will be back in my angelic form doing only God’s work. I know you don’t believe me or think I’m crazy, but what I say is true.


I would say there’s a 95% chance you’re wrong, but sadly it’s very hard to prove wrong or right.
You have to ask yourself, why would you be placed in a position so different than other people?
If have the feeling that if this thought had never entered your mind, another would have. You might of wondered about another reason behind something in life.

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Some years ago I had come to the same conclusion, that I was an angel who chose to live a human lifetime, which would explain why I am at odds with so much of what we call life - i’m used to a very different social structure and system of laws. There have been times when I believed this strongly, other times when I did not, but as bear said, it’s not something that’s easy to prove one way or another. I try not to think too much on it these days, as the entire point of such a transformation is to live a lifetime as a human, and focusing on it kind of spoils it.

From one ex-angel to another, good luck on your journey.


I even saw God, Gabriel and … and fought evil for years but now I know that those were hallucinations.

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I was convinced/am convinced that I’m an alien ambassador. I tried to trigger first contact with aliens. I wrote to the white house while delusional about it - thinking I was about to open up the human race to the galaxy and beyond.

It was a really interesting experience though. I mean I was working through in my head how planets and species would relate with each other. I really thought I was about to be a seminal focus point in human history! I was going to kick Neil Armstrongs historical ass.

I gradually came out of it after 3/4 months of high doses of anti psychotics… I had/have the belief nearly all my life. It kind of comforts/comforted me. Helps me deal with the crap I have had to put up and been put through throughout my life.

Some of these delusions are defence systems. They help us cope with a world/condition which is pretty awful.


I never thought I was an angel. But I did believe that my kid sis was in heaven and God tapped her to come down and save me and help me in this life. She was a gift to me because God said he couldn’t help me. My 10th and 11th year was a very odd time. I never thought I was from heaven, but I still sometimes think my sis is.

There was a time in my life when I was sure that I was very close to being the next Dali Lama.

Only one time have i thought i was jesus, but directly after thinking it they told me it was them.

This was just around the time some crazy light in my kitchen ran me outside and i saw a huge tree sized serpent made of light angrily staring at me.

When i saw the huge snake I moronically told it “no”. I don’t know why i told it no, it didn’t say anything.

And holy ■■■■ im being murdered.

It’s why I’m not normal. My brain only works in the angelic realm. God is very magnificent there and the heavens and earth are seen only by those who can see it properly.

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I do believe you Brian. I also hear angelic voices and the voice of God. To truly understand the nature of schizophrenia you should watch that show “Highway to Heaven”. We’re all on God’s path doing good works helping people (and animals)

@aliali…come back to the light…these were not hallucinations…come back and follow God…

wanted you to see this @wonderdunk

In my self righteous suicide…I cry when angels refuse to fight…

Rise against?


Its cool you know that band but no…


yeah, I’m a rocker, baby.

it helps

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Metal head…but do like some of the new style rock…nothing more…that Australian band that does wish you hell…with the didgeridoo on fire…

Great quote! I read this exact thing in a book about schizophrenia research! I think it was this book:

good book, checked it out from community college library, would buy but too expensive.

Yeah… So can you put in a question for me to God then, can you ask him about my own spiritual reevaluation, and how I can actually still be involved in Christianity being the way I am, crazy and all.

I really don’t think that you are an Arhcangel because Angels are all spiritual beings made out of orange light. Angels don’t have bodies. Because you have a body you can’t be an Angel.