I'm an archangel


What did I do?

Are you mad at me?

If you are truly an Angel, ask God for me why is it my wife inevitably walks around the corner right when I’m drinking out of the milk carton.

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i trust God, Thats all i can say.

I also beleived I was an angel and remember thinking I was god and that I had created/designed things like super cars and buildings that the world had stolen from me and that I was to receive these things. I ended up in prison for Robbery assault and possession of drugs. Don’t get me wrong you have a spirit existing inside of you but most probably a demon or demons. Don’t believe them you are human.

You believe there are demonic spirits inside us schizophrenics?

Fearless. Amazing.

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Yes I beleive what I have seen hear and feel are spirits and demons because they harm us and cause great deceptions/delusions. They even talk through me it is that obvious. I’ve had other things happen as well.