Im a little upset about this

When I was young, my PC was hacked, I saw someone writting stuff on my websearch, the pc turned off in very specific moments ect ect… in 2015 (two years after) someone deleted all my progress in a game, not only that, I saw subliminal images too, they even appeared for 4 or 5 seconds so I could see it, I was not delusional because I can recognize my hallucinations (wich are very coloured and brilliant) from non hallucinations, and once my brother could hear someone calling my name from a laptop, now my new cellphone has been hacked and Im tired of this…do all hackers do the same stuff? Please dont call me delusional because we had to throw away the PC, it was severely hacked and all my family saw it. Yes Im tired of this waste of time

I’m sorry your computer got messed up! If your family saw it doing weird things, then it probably did get a virus or something on it. There are some very complex viruses out there. Do you use any kind of antivirus software? I find even the free ones protect my computer well, and having the peace of mind is nice.


I have a antivirus in my cellphone but I think the virus is on my system, I think I clicked on a bad website and it gave me a malware, I dont know who hacked my PC btw

Oh, yeah, that can happen. :frowning: I’m sorry, buddy. It sucks. Did you try taking it to a computer store to see if they could remove the virus first?

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I know its not what you want to hear,

But this sounds like a delusion.

A lot of people get their computer infected with some sort of malware,


Most people don’t think its a direct attack on them.

I think how personally you’re taking it and the fact that you believe you’re being monitored build a good case for this being a delusion.

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No, I throw my pc to trash because me and my family could not use it

I will say try taking your cellphone to the store if it does have a virus on it and just try not to click on any links that don’t look safe. If you think someone is directly attacking you personally, this isn’t the case.

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Oh yeah its true sorry :frowning: Its hard for me to differentiate things, some times I think all its connected, but maybe all was because of a virus and now I get new one and Im paranoid, sorry.


No need to be sorry,

We all struggle with stuff like this.

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You can get viruses in smartphones only if you install some apps outside the Play Store /applestore.

i got viruses on my phone and i had to factory reset it and that worked but i lost a lot of pictures :confused:

my macbook seems to be ok but it crashes a lot lol

Also by clicking on bad websites/ads?

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yes unless you download something from these sites and open it.

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