I'm 27 and have no idea what to do with my life

I have no interests. My avolition is insane. But I’m trying to get over it. I just got fired from my job. I still live with my parents. I want nothing more then to find a job I like, like selling yugioh cards online, and do it 40 hours a week, move out, make some friends, and live my life. But I hated my old job ( I was a cashier). I don’t really like 9 to 5 jobs. All I have is a high school diploma. I know there are options for me but I have no idea where to start or what to do.

I’m lost.

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Having no interest and apathy can/is a brutal existence.

But do something to survive. A job is a job and is important. Find something you can manage. Hope you find your way.

Find something to take care for if not yourself. It helps. I take care of my plants and dog and it helps remind me to take care of myself lately.

No answers but wanted to respond cause I also live in apathy and lack of interest. Lost of interest but taking care of myself is a goal I set for myself and each day I make it is an accomplishment.


The first thing I’d be doing in your situation is looking for a solution to your apathy. Apathy and avolotion. It may be all sz related but I believe meds can have a huge impact on anhedonia as well. Dopamine blockage can be a big factor in this department , IMO.

I’ve had periods of extreme Ahnedonia and times when I’ve hit that sweet spot where things become fun again, so I’m doubting it’s sz alone in my case. I guess I could be wrong, but these periods of different moods tend to make me think I’m not.

I would be talking to your pdoc about anything that could help improve things in this department. This is what Im currently doing myself, so I’m practicing what I preach here. Quality of life is more important than almost anything else, IMO.


People on here will likely tell you that the negatives you are experiencing are sz related and there is no cure. But there are also “secondary negatives” in my experience related to meds, which amplify those negatives related to sz and make things worse.

I am on a bit of a quest to find the right balance again to bring my sweet spot back, and I think this is more important than almost anything to finding some kind of happiness.


Have you tried peer support work. After 15 years it’s getting quite complicated where I am currently so I thought, where mi is more understood is the way to go, don’t have input from that, though that is the stage I am now, I hope this helps

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Maybe start with a part time job like fast food.

there are tonnes of opportunity on network engineering.you are still young to make career at that field.computer programming went to next layer with gpt 4 but there is quite opportunity on as network technician and network engineering at least 10 or 20 years from now on

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